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June 14, 2011 Uncategorized 10

I Got a JOB!!!!
I am so excited, and this Barnes & Noble pictures above is the one I begin working in tomorrow. 
While imperfect hours, retail is something I know very well.  I am going to be working part time, but selling something I dearly love and can’t wait to share with others.  I love books, and reading, and meandering around book stores. 
So wish me luck on this new adventure, I’ve been home working raising kids, keeping us all together for 10.5 years, and it’s time for me to get back out there!!!

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  1. Terra

    I am so happy for you! The only hard part is going to be not spending your pay check inside the store! I hope your hours aren’t too bad! Good luck today, first days are always nerve racking

  2. Zibilee

    Congratulations! I hope that you have an awesome first day and that you enjoy getting back into the working world!

  3. Christi Craig

    Anita, I just stopped by your blog, and what exciting new! Congrats on, what I’m sure will turn out to be, a very fun job. Bookstores and libraries are two of my favorite places.

  4. Meg

    Congrats on your new job! I worked at Borders for years and absolutely loved the vibe of a bookstore, and I hope you meet lots of great people and enjoy! (Just be careful of the employee discount… you’ll be working for “free” in no time, just like I seemed to!)

  5. Bonnie

    Oh wow Anita, that IS big news. I’m so excited for you. What a beautiful Barnes and Noble. I’m a little jealous you get to be around all those books all the time!

    I was home for 10 years also when I went back to work. I bet you are going to love it!

  6. Belle (from Life of a...)

    Congrats…I’ve always thought that I’d enjoy working in a bookstore, except that I’d probably spend my entire check on books. My neighbor got a job “just for fun” at Pier One and I think she just barely breaks even (at least according to her husband).

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