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June 21, 2011 Uncategorized 4

It’s a busy time around here, but I had to say, it’s mostly good stuff!

I have worked 4 days at the new job, book selling at B&N, and I really like it.  My first job has been as a cashier, which I picked up easily and now beyond a few questions here and there I’m good to go.  I have been working on learning the computer system to locate books, and train to work at the customer service desk. The other people whom I work with are so very nice, and I like the customer interaction. 

Summer is in full swing, my kids having finished school a month ago.  Adrienne didn’t find a summer job, and now with @ 7 weeks until she moves off to college I think the chances are fairly slim.  She is now doing some extra work here at home to earn some gas $$ and privileges.  She does have her work out routine from her college coach, and that’s keeping her busy.  She went last week with the rest of the freshman softball players and met with counselors and the coach and chose her classes.  She’ll know her exact schedule by the end of the week. 

Nick’s activity level has slowed down since last week, and now I’m wishing he had more to do, because he’s moody and whiny here at home…ha ha! 

So I’m not working today, and I need to do some housework, prepare a good dinner and find some time to read, I counted, I have 11 books on my shelves that I’ve won or been sent by authors.  I  really need to find more reading time. 

Have a great day friends!!

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  1. Beth

    Yours is slowing down…and ours is just getting going! Bummer for Adrienne… the job market is still tough…dang gas money! lol

  2. Ali

    So glad the new job is working out! If there’s a Starbucks in it, stay away–it was fun to learn how to make different espresso drinks but it felt too much like waiting/bussing tables–ugh.

  3. Zibilee

    It sounds like the job is going well, and I am glad for that. I have 2 at home right now, and we are on each other’s nerves a lot! Good luck with week 2 at work!

  4. Cam

    i’m jealous. i can’t remember the last time i had time to read a book. that’s life with a toddler though. 🙂

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