Looking back at June

June 29, 2011 Uncategorized 5

Can you believe the month of June is nearly gone.  I commented on Sunday that my birthday is in 6 months, which also means that other holiday, Christmas, is in 6 months.   I can’t think that far ahead, right now I’m doing good living week to week and planning for July.
I’ve had a good month.  I’m in my 3rd week of my new job….and I really am enjoying it.  The people I work with are very pleasant, as a cashier I’m mostly alone, but I do get out in the store some, I talk to the other book sellers, and I adore talking with customers.  I try to be helpful when I can, I am excited when I can discuss a book with a customer.
In two weeks I’ll be going to Dallas to spend a few days with my parents, and a day playing with my sister and her family and then driving back to FL with Caitie!!  Yes I’ve missed my Cait as she interns for the 2nd summer with my niece.  So the driving back part, interesting.  Dawn has given Caitie her old car, a 1998 Honda CRV, yep with over 250,000 miles on it.  It is a Honda, so we are just hoping to get it back here, and Caitie can take it to school and with any luck it lasts a couple more years and everyone is happy.  It was a very nice gesture.  She is giving Adrienne money, of course A is thrilled with this prospect, as she was unable to find summer work.
So on the topic of Adrienne and work, she did not find a job, but she has been very consistent and diligent (are those the same thing?), about going to the gym to do her work outs. She received a long schedule from her college softball coach and that has been keeping her busy in the mornings. She has been helping out more around the house, so I’m trying not to fuss too much about her gasoline usage, as we are still paying for it.
I believe it’s difficult to teach our teens about money and responsibility, and it’s our own fault for this issue.  We’ve somehow spoiled our kids, playing expensive travel sports with the goal of securing a college scholarship to play more was a huge factor for us.  Now that we’ve done that it’s almost like Adrienne didn’t take us seriously when we discussed her getting a job.  I think our expectations for next summer are loud and clear, time will tell. 
Adrienne also just got her roommate assignment from her coach.  Four softball players will be living in one 2 bedroom/2bath apartment.  Her roomie is a friend from travel ball, and of the other two, one is a freshman the other a sophomore pitcher.  Now they can coordinate who has what, furniture for their den/and dining room.  Things they will need in the kitchen etc.  We’ve got most of the bedroom/bath stuff bought…yay for some up front work. 

So I’m off for now….July is rushing at us, and I’m looking forward to it!!!

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  1. Beth

    College and teen jobs and expectations are a constant balancing act… Too me I try to not stress (and I stress everyday)about it because growing up I never had much… my kids grew up okay…and they are managing just fine! Good luck! And stop rushing my summer! lol

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    Ah, kids and responsibility. It is such an ongoing effort to teach it … And I have found that it isn’t an exact science 🙂 I am definitely not an expert, but my intentions are good 🙂

  3. Terra

    oh boy….that was quite the recap – a lot to think about – teaching responsibility is TOUGH…we can only do so much and hope for the best!!!

  4. Zibilee

    I also don’t think our lessons about responsibility are working with the kids, and I fear that we are going to have 20 year old adults sitting around the house wanting us to take care of them! I need to get a handle on this quickly, or we are going to have a problem!

  5. Sandy

    The job sounds great. I would like to work in a book store or as a pharmacy assistant. And if the RE business continues on this track, I may be doing both!

    The girls sounds like they are doing great. So much going on. As for them being spoiled, we always want our kids to have more than we did. It doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it.

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