College Books, a New Way to Save Money

July 12, 2011 college costs 3

So as we approach the first semester of college for our girls, we know one thing for certain, books will be expensive…yikes. 
Most of us who have been there remember paying high prices for new books, praying to used books, ones not to marked up, and then, the huge let down when we re-sold said books back to the bookstore, if lucky enough to have books that were being used another term.
Now along with buying books, new and used there is a new option on the table for college text books. Are you aware you can now rent college text books? is a wonderful alternative to acquiring your college text books.  They offer free shiping both ways, your student used the books, even allowing highlighting and then you just ship them back!  I am so excited that I found out about this company, and when we get Caitie’s class and book list in just 10 days, yes orientation is just around the corner, I am checking first. 

Another thing I really admire about this company is the good deeds they are doing.  They have partnered with Operation Smile in their 2011 Making a Difference Program.  They have committed to donating enough money to cover 1000 life changing surgeries to help children born with cleft palates.  A portion of each book rental fee will go towards this goal. 

I hope you’ll take the time to check into this company, may also be a good choice for you.

I was compensated for this blog post, but the opinions are all mine. 

3 Responses to “College Books, a New Way to Save Money”

  1. Ali

    I’ll have to check that out. My husband rented his textbook from the univ’s bookstore for his summer class but then came home and put it on the bar, you know, where I prep dinner and the kids eat, ugh:) I’m hoping it’s still in good shape when it comes time to turn it in!

  2. Beth

    Laura used this her last two years… and another site to check out is Icampus or something like may have changed names…but you get the cheapest title found on line…it is way cool and the best the first two years when doing generals! My advice is as soon as you know the classes and books needed start ordering!

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