Update: 52 letters, 52 weeks

July 13, 2011 52 weeks 52 letters 4

I really hate to write this update, I’ve fallen so behind, it’s awful!! 
I was doing well until May, I wrote 16 letters or notes, and I received 10 letters in return.  I was loving the communication, the mail that was not just bills or junk…and then….Graduation and summer…ugh, shame shame shame, I’m at least 10 letters behind!!!

My plan, I’m jumping back in….I can only hope to catch up and finish with a full 52 letters written.  With my new job at B&N I’ve purchased even more cute stationary and note cards.  I even found a book on the bargain shelf titled THE ART OF THE HANDWRITTEN NOTE, it’s a lovely guide to writing a note.

Have you undertaken any long term projects this year?  How are you doing?

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  1. Sandy

    It’s not easy. You are so busy. I did begin the Project 365 on my iPhone and did pretty well until May, too. I’m sorry I fell so behind because I do love to flip back. I suppose I could start again and maybe I will!

  2. Anita

    I have totally failed at this project that I so wanted to be succesful with. I have three packs of new stationery that was given to me for Mother’s Day just waiting to be used. Out of the 28 or so letters that should have been written by now, I think I’ve only written 5 or 6. LOL
    I keep looking at the stationery and have the best intentions. I really like letter writing. Maybe I’ll catch up.
    You work at BN! Would I be able to control my urge to buy,buy, buy if I worked there? 🙂

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