Happy 18th Birthday Caitie and Adrienne

August 19, 2011 Uncategorized 5

On Friday August 12, my beautiful twin girls became legal adults, and what did they do? 

The designed and got a tattoo.  Ok, yes it’s something special to them.  A flip flop and a tennis shoe, initials above each, and their birth date under it.  They paid for it, they signed for it, and I went for support.  I’m not 100% against tattoos but I just think it’s something they could regret. 

So we took them out to dinner with friends.

The yummy turtle brownie is from Something Sweet..so so good. 
They went out dancing at a club, and had a great night…..so much going on here!!

5 Responses to “Happy 18th Birthday Caitie and Adrienne”

  1. Zibilee

    Oh my! I bet you were surprised! I also got a tattoo when I was very young, and I have to say that although I sometimes wish it was smaller, I never regret that I have it!

  2. Ali

    I’m a little late but happy birthday girls! I’m hoping that when/if the boys want tattoos that let me in on it, too!

  3. linda

    Happy Birthday to your girls! They share their special day with my husband too!

    A tattoo, wow! I’m not 100% against them either, but not 100% for them…for the same reason you mentioned.

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