College Move In…part 1

August 20, 2011 Uncategorized 6

Last Saturday we moved Adrienne into her college apartment.  She is living with 3 other softball players.  This is what our entry way looked like before we started packing the cars.

We had a dresser, a night stand, a table and chairs, bedding, clothes, etc etc etc. 
Now the stuff we moved was only part of this ordeal.  I honestly have done really well while preparing for my girls moving out.  I was thrilled at 18 to move out and move on, college was a wonderful 4.5 years, full of adventure and learning, and much more than what I learned in the classroom.  
I’m excited for both Adrienne and Caitie.
Now I admit I did an awful job of taking pictures.  Sorry.  Adrienne got all her papers signed with her roomies and we arrived just in time to start carrying everything up to the 2nd floor.  I made two trips, and then my job was to unpack, and arrange.  I started in the kitchen, small but workable.  I snagged the best pantry shelf for Adrienne.  No picture.
I moved to the bathroom, and it looks cute.

After we got Adrienne’s bed from another apartment, a gift/hand me down from a player, great sharing, we set it up, and I made it up. 

My child is so charming!!
Another roommate brought 2 sofas, and another had a large TV for their living room.  In all the apartment is just fine, nothing fancy but cute. 
We went out to a late lunch, put a few more finishing touches on things, and left before 5pm. 
She’s been there a week now………classes start Monday.  She’s been mostly playing around, but had athlete orientation Thursday and Friday. 
Posting soon……………Part 2….Caitie’s move to Jacksonville and UNF.

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  1. Pam

    Oh my! The apartment looks adorable. How is Adrienne doing after her first week? And you? {{hugs}} my friend.

  2. linda

    Believe me, I know the drill and it sounds all too familiar!

    Such an exciting time, yet bittersweet! You’ll be in my thoughts!

  3. bermudaonion

    What a bittersweet time for you! I had no idea your daughter plays softball – we love to watch softball and were so disappointed when we moved here to discover that Clemson doesn’t have a team.

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