College Move in Part 2

September 2, 2011 Uncategorized 5

I clearly don’t wish to rush anything….LOL.  Between sending the girls off to college and learning to balance work and our home, I’ve been so busy, or just not into writing, unsure. 

Without further ado, we moved Caitie up to UNF in Jacksonville on Friday August 19, and this is what our two cars looked like packed! Actually we had more room than I thought. 
Caitie’s roommate Sarah and her folks followed us up, and so we had a 4 car caravan heading up I-95.  I rode with Caitie and she is a fantastic driver, and it was good to just chat with her.  Upon arrival we were greeted by several clubs and groups offering help hauling up all the “stuff” that makes a dorm room home.  What a nice thing that was, so helpful!!  This is the room mostly empty.

We also had the help from a local girl who is currently a senior at UNF.  She and a friend helped move things up and they set up the whole bathroom.

The dorm was originally built for 3 students, and has 3 large closet areas, but no doors, so we bought shower curtains and hung them up.

I think it turned out so cute.
Caitie’s desk area was a work in progress, as honestly I’m sure the whole room is, I feel certain in time the girls will move furniture around and make it feel like their own.

We went to the book store and picked up her books, nice thing now was we could pre-order them online.  I tried to rent them or find them cheaper, but 3 of her 4 classes use books created just for UNF…ugh. 
We then all went out for a quick dinner as Caitie and Sarah already had plans for their first night on campus.  I admit I full out cried when we were leaving.  Caitie is the more emotional and huggable of my two girls, and she was hugging me so night, and I just loved it. 
Now, two weeks later, all is well.  She is enjoying classes and the new friends she is making too.  She has decided to go through sorority rush and that actually begins tonight…she is very excited!!

Much more to share, hoping to write more this weekend!!

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  1. Anita

    A few of my friends have kids that just went off to college. It’s been interesting to watch them go through all the emotions this summer, and to hear their stories of dropping them off, like the one you’ve written here.

    My oldest is in 10th grade, so it won’t be long for me. I might cry too. 🙂

    Love the shower curtains covering the closets. Aren’t you crafty!

  2. Pam

    yay! Glad it all went so well and that Caitie is adjusting nicely to college life. The room looks fabulous. How lucky to have 3 closets. I recognize the bedding she chose, too. My Katie had the same set last year (this year she took a hand me down from her grandmother’s house).

    Sounds like you are busy with your job and life. Good for you!

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