College Girls

September 27, 2011 Uncategorized 5

I’m happy to update that both my girls are doing well.  Adrienne has been gone six weeks, Caitie five.  Both have come home once.  I’ve seen Adrienne in between, thankfully, because of softball.

Adrienne is my very independent and happy to be out of a small town girl.  While I’ve never shared this before on my blog, it seems like I should explain her eagerness to leave.  Adrienne is gay.  She is also happy, confident and comfortable in her own skin..  She told us when she was 14, and we weren’t really surprised.  We worried about the ignorance of others, as people can be so cruel.  We live in a smaller town, full of rednecks and conservative Christians. I consider myself a very liberal Christian, a cafeteria style Catholic more on the Kennedy side of liberalism.  We believe in Adrienne, she’s a wonderful young woman, and now that she’s living in a more urban area, going to college, and surrounded by a less judgmental group she is loving life even more!!

 Caitie with her Aunt Ouida

When Caitie came home we spent an entire day shopping!  She’s pledged a sorority, something I always wanted to do. She chose Kappa Alpha Theta and I’ve already bought greek merchandise for her.  She said she needed more dresses and things for her Chapter meetings and such.   Family weekend is in October and we will meet her soon to be “sisters” at a Brunch.    She’s making friends and staying busy with academics and fun. She aced her first Calculus 2 quiz and she had her first big test yesterday, crossing fingers and toes. 

Adrienne has started fall exhibition softball games.  We saw one game last Saturday, and caught one just this past Saturday night.  Her batting has found it’s sweet spot and she hit a double and a triple last night!!  It’s exciting to watch this college level play.  It was one of Adrienne’s dreams come true to play at this level. 

I’m adjusting to being without them daily, but it’s not easy.  I miss talking to them, though they do text or call daily.  Nick misses them too, but he’s doing fine.  Laundry is less, cooking is less too.  We all joke that the kids bathroom is cleaner and there is more hot water!

This Friday Adrienne’s college softball team is playing at UNF, Caitie’s school.  So we’re going up, seeing 2 games, hanging with Caitie and spending the night in Jacksonville.  It will be nice to see the family together again, all 5 of us, silly to some I know, but we do love each other.  

I’m amazed when I think we have two daughters in college, when did they grow up, heck when did I grow up?   It’s naturally caused me to nostalgically recall my own college days.  I loved my years at the University of Missouri, I was not an outstanding student, I did excel in socialization and dating and growing up.  I learned so much about other people, I met my first gay friends, gained more friendships and some I still hold dear today.  I enjoyed football games, Greek parties, any parties, playing the field, learning how to manage my money or lack of.  For as long as I’ve thought about it, I wanted my own children to move away and spread their own wings in school………I can’t even express how proud I am of them, and happy we are able to help them with this growth experience.

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  1. Zibilee

    It sounds like you are very proud of your two girls, and that even though you are happy about them having the college experience, you still miss them as well. I can only imagine what it will be like when my kids go off to school. I bet I will be excited but also sad, like so many moms are. Great post today!

  2. Ali

    I love Adrienne’s Coexist bumper sticker! I wanted to put one on Thomas’ binder at the beginning of school but he just had to have Chicago Cubs stickers instead:) Maybe Nathan will let me decorate his binder when he starts the 3rd grade next year.

  3. Jenners

    I can imagine that living in a more urban and “gay friendly” environment would be wonderful for Adrienne! And that bumper sticker says it all. If only everyone could learn to follow it.

    And wow for Caitie playing college-level softball … that must be something.

    Glad your girls are adjusting so well to college life.

  4. Meg

    Glad to hear your girls are doing well! College is a huge change, but it sounds like they’re adjusting and happy. That’s awesome!

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