Book Review: Little Black Dress

October 3, 2011 book review 2

 This book is really the story of two sisters, a daughter and a dress.  Much of the story is a look into the past.
As the book open, Evie is unable to sleep, she needs to know about the future, she needs to know about her relationship with her daughter, Antonia.  Evie is curious about her sister Anna, long ago lost, but with much mystery and secret.  Evie is determined to go into the attic…to find the answers, to see the future…she pulls herself up the steps, to find, the little black dress.  As Evie pulls the dress on, she begins to feel strange, and suddenly all is dark.  Evie suffers a massive stroke..

A curious beginning. What can be seen and learned from a dress?

Two stories converge in this novel.  The story of Evie and her daughter, how they are distant and uncomfortable with each other.  Only when her mother has a stroke does Antonia, or Toni, come home. Home is the small town of Blue Hills, Missouri. The second story is the historical story of Evie and her sister Anna, how they were raised in Blue Hills, their father owned a vineyard and was a wine maker.  Their youth would set the future of their father’s dreams. 

I enjoyed Little Black Dress, it was much deeper and different than I had expected.  Full of those family secrets and hushed names that bring good story telling to great.  I was so happy to see references to real places I know, having grown up in St. Louis.  Sainte Genevieve is indeed a lovely town near the imaginary Blue Hills.  It was like going back to the lovely little wineries in Missouri. 

I became aware of this book in the early summer as I became friends with the author, Susan McBride on facebook.  Susan is a frequent contributor on the blog Girlfriends Book Club.  Have you ever just clicked with an author, felt like you’d been introduced to an instant friend?  This is how comfortable I felt with Susan.  She currently lives in St. Louis, near and dear to my heart. My college was where her father went to school, though she is a KU fan, I try not to hold it against her.  Susan graciously sent me an ARC of her book, and I know that can be touch and go, what if I didn’t like the book….well there was no worry there……….I loved it.

I’m giving this book a 4 out of 5 star rating, if you enjoy a women’s fiction, with a twist of magic and mystery, then this book is for you.

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