Read-a-thon Seven Hours down

October 22, 2011 book review 0

I finished a book:CUT by Patricia McCormick

Read pages:151, well plus the Q&A at the end.

Not exactly a rousing total, I’d say I’ve read actually 2-3 of the past 7 hours.
I ate breakfast, wandered around hotel, napped, blogged, twittered, ate lunch, talked to my hubs who is now done with his meeting and would like to walk around and relax a bit. 

Cut is the story of Callie a 13-14 year old girl who is currently living in a treatment facility, Sea Pines, where the girls in treatment refer to it as Sick Minds.  The patients range from girls with eating disorders, addictions and other mental issues, like cutting oneself.
The books is written from Callie’s point of view,and tells her story.  She is first silent as she attends Group and one on one therapy.  She listens, but does not share.  She thinks so very very much, and we, the reader, hear it all.  How she first cut herself, how her little brother is sick, how her family life seems out of control.
This book was so personal and so honest, it broke my heart in places, but at  the same time it helped me see how a mental illness can take over a person’s life.   McCormick did her research on this one, now celebrating it’s 10th year since publication.  How do you say it’s a book you appreciate for it’s brutal honesty, but yet is it something you enjoy?  I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I did feel a bit torn with this subject matter.  I’m so glad I’ve read it, and I think many teens would appreciate it.  I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Onto more reading, if I can when I get done taking a long walk with hubs!!

Happy reading all!

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