Read-a-thon Wrap up

October 23, 2011 read-a-thon 4

I have to say I had lofty goals and ideas about yesterday.
In the planned 24 hour period I knew I’d likely only read 10-12 hours, and then, I actually read much less. 
I only completed one book. 
I read part of a second book, but not much…ugh. 
My notes for a better read-a-thon:
Plan better to be home and less in demand.  I knew I was going to be away from home and even thought I couldn’t participate, but decided to try. 
My first book was a good choice, short YA novel.  I don’t want to read just anything for the sake of reading, so planning good choices will be work.
Planning for snacks and meals, again I was in a hotel and not home to do it myself.
Choosing just one role—-I felt I was a good cheerleader, but not such a good reader.  I’d rather be a reader next time, and I hope have others cheer me on. 

The next Read-a-thon is in April, and I’ll be back with a plan!!!

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  1. Zibilee

    I wondered how you did! It sounds like being away stole a little of your reading mojo away, especially not having the food at hand and having to procure it for yourself. I actually did pretty well, and finished one long novel, one graphic novel, and an audiobook, but of course, I had planned on reading more! I had a good time though, and the family was really good at being the support staff!

  2. Pam

    I always find out about these read-a-thons either after the fact or too late to make plans to join in. I’m going to mark my calendar for next April and plan to participate with you. I’ll make sure to review your tips before I start.

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