A look back at the week, and month

October 30, 2011 Uncategorized 5

October has just flown by……..and can’t believe that Tuesday will be November, and that so many things are winding down.
My week was very busy, I worked 5 days, which is really more than I have in the four months I’ve been at B&N, we really aren’t seeing an up tick in traffic or sales, it so happens one person was on vacation and I picked up some hours.  I am having more fun with returning customers and recommending books and authors they haven’t tried.  I’m also amazed at where book bloggers and booksellers lead me.  My book stacks continue to grow, and I’m expanding my comfort zone too, very exciting. 

I picked up an advanced copy of The World We Found by Thrity Umrigar, I’ve not read a book by her, but I recognized the name and I am looking forward to this one. 
Two weeks ago, a local book blogger stopped by the store and we had coffee and talked books.  Heather from Raging Bibliomania is so very kind and generous.  She brought me books!!  One I won from her blog and the other something she thought I’d enjoy…so sweet.  We plan on meeting up again soon.
Working does not leave me extra time for reading, but Saturday I had some nice quiet time, and Monday I’ll be off and able squeeze in some more quality reading time.  With my growing list I have added audio books into my drive time.  I’ve got about 35 minutes each way and the library is my friend again.  I finished one this week, The One That I Want, by Allison Winn Scotch, and now I’m deep in another….really love using my time wisely. I’m reading The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian, and listening to Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez. 

So look forward to some new book reviews this week….

In family news Adrienne is doing physical therapy from a shoulder injury.  She is thrilled nothing was torn, but sad to be sitting the bench during fall ball.  Caitie called nearly 2 weeks ago in tears because she needed to drop a class.  Chemistry was just not clicking and she had used the tutoring center and spoken with her professor and decided at best she might get a C.  She needs the class for engineering and so she did drop it, and will retake in next semester or in summer.  This teacher required a LOT of memorizing, not her strong suit.  It was a real roller coaster,but we are past it and she is fine.  Nick finished his first 9 weeks and managed 6 A’s and 2 B’s.  He even brought up his B’s to high B’s and I think the tutor we hired was well worth it.  Parenting is the most challenging role I’ve ever had, and it just keeps changing.  Love my kids, such wonderful works in progress. 
Have a wonderful week………….

5 Responses to “A look back at the week, and month”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Heather is awesome. There is one thing about her, and that is she never goes anywhere to meet anyone without a bag of books to share. Which B&N do you work at? We definitely need to hook up.

  2. Booksnyc

    I hope you like Thrity Urmigar – I read The Space Between Us earlier this year and thought it was excellent! I am looking forward to her new one.

  3. Beth

    My reading had fallen way off..but am starting back up…I am going to tackle Fall of Giants by Folette..so far really good…900 plus pages…

    Glad all things are good on the kid front…

  4. Zibilee

    Thrity Umrigar is one of my favorite authors, and if you like this newest one by her, I think I can lend you a couple of others that you might like, and point you in the direction of a few of her best. Glad to hear that your daughters are doing better, though it sounds like things have been a little bit rough for them during the last month. Here’s hoping for a better November!

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