My Week in Books, Book Store, and Family

December 3, 2011 weekend 6

I am so happy today is Saturday!!!  A day off, and the outside of the house is decorated for Christmas.  We’re working on the inside this afternoon and tonight.
My week has been busy with work and keeping up with the family.
On the book front I picked up an ARC at work of LONDONERS: The Day and Nights of London Now-As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It,Left It, and Long For It  by Craig Taylor

I’ve traveled and vacationed extensively in my youth across the US, but I dream of seeing Europe, I suspect this book will cause me to want it more.
I also won a copy of BEST KEPT SECRET by Amy Hatvany.

I won it from Andrea at Great thoughts, and there is a twitter chat on January 26 that I look forward to.  I’ve read wonderful reviews of this book, and I will be reading this in January I suspect.

I’m reading THE WORLD WE FOUND by Thrity Umrigar, it is simply beautiful!!  A wonderful book blogger Swapna, is hosting a giveaway and discussion of this book.  Her blog S.Krishna’s Books is marvelous, so rush over now through Monday December 5 to enter for a chance to win a galley and then join in the discussion on January 10, a week after it’s release date. 

My family is slowly recovering from the loss of my sister.  She’s been cremated and my niece will be disposing of the ashes, my sisters’ wishes were to have them scattered up in the mountains, not far from where she lived in CA.  Tomorrow would have been her 63rd birthday.

This upcoming week is finals for Caitie and Adrienne.  Wishing them luck on this first of many finals weeks.

The book store is good, busy this past week, but not like other types of retail.  I keep smiling and upbeat and it seems to calm harried customers.  I’ve been buying up books and gifts for my family and friends. 
Visit a book store near you to give the gift of words!!!

6 Responses to “My Week in Books, Book Store, and Family”

  1. Jenny

    I haven’t been keeping up with blogs very well lately, but you have a bookstore? Is that something I should have known all along? Lol. I ask because I know you’re local!

  2. Zibilee

    It sounds like this has been a busy but less stressful week for you, and I am glad for that. I am thinking good thoughts for you and still saying a little prayer. I am glad that you are having such a good time at work! Hopefully I will see you soon!

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