What Happens after High School

December 6, 2011 teens 3

Over two years ago I posted about The In Crowd in my daughter’s high school, and one person in particular, a girl I named Zelda. 
I hadn’t planned on updating this storyline, but then something happened to change my mind.
Zelda did graduate, no bells or whistles but she completed high school and didn’t have a set plan for post high school education.  She told me she wanted to go away to school, her parents disagreed and she was probably going to stay local and attend Community College.
Zelda continued her partying ways in high school, and I’m not sure was quite as “IN” as I had thought she was.  Many people had seen through her.
A few weeks ago Zelda was arrested for a DUI, her arrest was in the local paper, her mug shot available online.  So very sad, so very young, and such a waste of a young life.
I hope this is a wake up call and that she is able to get her act together.

Personally, this parenting of young adults is very difficult.  I’m constantly helping my girls make the best choices possible.  I’m very honest about the realities of them stumbling, I really hope they learn from the little things, and not the more drastic things that could happen.

So once again, I’m happy I’m not Zelda’s mom. 

3 Responses to “What Happens after High School”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    I believe in Karma you know? No good deed goes undone, and although I don’t know the full back story here, I can only imagine. I’ll pray that this girl can turn her life around, but Karma is a bitch that way.

  2. Beth

    Oh my…this makes me sad…why would Karma be a comment here? Obviously the poor girl is suffering..kids don’t just start having these problems out of the blue… Your girls are blessed to have you as a mom..but as you know they all make their mistakes.. Maybe it is just the field I am in.. sorry to be oppositional about this… and the person commenting above..

  3. Zibilee

    It sounds like there is just so much we don’t know about Zelda, and I think it’s sad that she is so young and had already gotten herself into so much trouble. It’s got to be a relief that your girls are not in this situation, nor will they, because you work so diligently with them.

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