Update: 52 letters, 52 weeks Challenge

December 15, 2011 52 weeks 52 letters 5

 So I began this journey with great expectations and enthusiasm.  I started in January, and I tripped a bit but stayed fairly on top of the writing until May. 
In May my girls graduated from high school, and there was so much activity in our house it was far from calm and conducive to quiet time for writing letters. 
In June I accepted a part time job at Barnes and Noble, so my free time was even more limited. 

I  sent out over 20 letters this year, so not a total wash.  Twenty letters that I would not have sent if not for the challenge I found on another blog, The Non-Consumer Advocate.  Kate writes some lovely posts about her progress and how fun it is to send and receive mail. 
I also received many letters in return, and those were a lovely treat when I opened my mail box.  Quickly looking at the list I once started, I receive at least 10 letters. 

I think I’m going to amend this challenge for 2012, but with new stationary that I HAD to have there is no excuse for not continuing to write letters. 

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  1. Zibilee

    I think this is a great idea, and though I have written a lot of cards this year, I think writing letters would be really fun. It’s sort of a lost art, you know what I mean? I need to make an effort to write more letters this year (plus I LOVE to buy fancy stationary, and just need an excuse!)

  2. Dizzy C

    What a fab idea!

    The art of letter writing and even just writing is getting lost with modern tech.
    I for one, will admit my handwriting is awful these days thru lack of practice.

    It would be great to receive hand written letters again


  3. Lisa

    I was a delighted recipient of one of these letters. Thank you for including me. It was wonderful to get that piece of mail.

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