Goals and Challenges for Reading 2012

January 2, 2012 Reading 13

Time to put my goals down in writing, to share with all the blogging world. 
These are not huge goals, but very realistic for me. 
I am planning to read 50 books in 2012, and that is almost a 50% increase over 2011, kind of a slacker in reading compared to many bloggers. I hope I can read an average of one book a week.  It will mean much time management, getting off the computer, and not letting the goal of a number impact the quality of my reads.

I’m also participating in two reading challenges for 2012. 
The first is an attempt to whittle down the huge To Be Read stack of books I own.  My list of books I want to read is closer to 200, but the ones I already own is just over 45.  Owning that many books that are unread is just silly….I need to temper my buying, and we all know how hard that is!!  So this year I’m doing this lovely challenge I found on the blog, My Readers’ Block.

There are varying levels of climbing the mountains, I’ve committed to reading 12 of my books, or climbing Pikes Peak.  I hope I read more. 
I’m also participating in a challenge that Beth Fish Reads hosts.  This one is What’s In A Name.

You can check out the link, but the categories include reading a book with a land formation in the title, reading a book with something you’d find on a calendar in the title.  Looking forward to this fun too!!

So those are my goals….doable and yet challenging enough for me.  Care to share yours?  You know I’ll be blog hopping to read them all!!

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    These seem like a good goals! I didn’t join any challenges this year (or last year). They stress me out. But that one at BFR has always looked like so much fun…like a treasure hunt!

  2. Beth

    Those sound like fun challenges…you should consider selling your books via a second hand store…then you can use that to buy more…smile! I found a list of 101 books written in America…many are classics…I am going to knock down some of those…Good luck!

  3. Terra

    Funny thing, I started going through my books I own vs read last week…I found I only had 2 I hadn’t read yet…not bad – I didn’t however go through my kindle books…where I probably have a few more I haven’t read yet…I can’t help but download those freebies when they pop up…

  4. Booksnyc

    I am aiming for 50 books this year too! I am so impressed by people that read 100+ a year! I am doing What’s In a Name toon- it’s a fun challenge.

  5. Crazy Mom of Three

    Good goal! I have never tracked a number for my reading. Guess that would be easier if I used Goodreads. Do you push through and read ones that don’t grab your attention too, or do you just move on to the next book?

  6. Zibilee

    These are great goals, and I think the one that I most agree with is the one about unplugging and reading from your own stacks. I just took a look at all my books yesterday, and it’s really a shame that I have let so many good books linger for so long. Here’s hoping that we can both get more read, and that we do magnificently on our challenges!

  7. Mnmom

    Are we friends on goodreads.com? I love that site for book suggestions and keeping track of my “to-reads”.

  8. Pam

    Good luck with your reading goal. And those challenges sound like a lot of fun, too. I’ll be looking forward to following your progress.

  9. Anita

    I’m still trying to fulfill the challenge you passed along last year; the one that asked us to write a personal letter or note (paper and stamp!) once a week. I failed miserably in 2011. Will try my luck for 2012. 🙂

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