The Weekend

January 16, 2012 weekends 6

Happy Monday, sorry it’s late afternoon, but joyously I slept in and then had a lazy morning reading emails and blogs and book reviews and little else.

I spent the weekend in the Dallas area visiting with my parents.  My dad had a stroke and took a fall just before Christmas and he spent a week in the hospital and is now in a rehab/nursing care center.  My dad is 87 this Wednesday, and his health in general is not great.  I flew in early Friday morning, rented a car and headed to my parents retirement complex.  They have a lovely apartment, it’s part of an active retirement community and my mom has received so much support this past year.  She lost two of her sisters and my own sister in 2011.  This is my dad’s second fall/rehab in 3 years and without the new friends she has made, I’m not sure she would be in the positive mental state she is.
We visited Dad right after lunch, and I was thrilled to find him in good spirits.  He is still mostly in a wheel chair, but his PT is going well.  He has used a walker for years, and he is building back up in his ability to walk farther.
Saturday their area of the complex celebrated 10 years, with a lovely reception.  I have a picture of my parents.

They are precious, they have been married 67 years and 2 months…just amazing.
So I spent my time eating out with my mom and sister, visiting with my parents and relaxing.  I finished a book, slept oh so well and enjoyed my weekend. 
My dad’s team had a meeting with my family last week, and if he continues to work hard and hits the goals set for walking, personal care etc they estimate he will be able to go home in about 5 weeks.  The best part of that?? It will be February 18, and I will be visiting them once again. 
Today was a relaxing day, and it’s always good to be home.  Tomorrow begins another week of school, work, errands and stuff.  I hope yours is good!!

6 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Beth Hoffman

    Bless their hearts! I’ll say a special prayer for your father’s continued recovery and will hope he can come home for your visit in February.

  2. Pam

    Happy 87th birtday to your Dad! That’s quite a milestone. I’m sending best wishes for continued good progress with his recovery.

  3. Zibilee

    I am glad to hear your dad is progressing and getting better by the day. I know how scary and sad it can be when your parents or family gets sick, as a couple of my family members are in the throes of serious illnesses. I wish the best for him, and hope that he continues to heal and rehabilitate. That’s a great picture! They look so wonderful together!

  4. Terra

    I am so glad you are getting to spend this time with them. 67 years…WOW – that is about all I can say about that and they, are adorable, by the way!

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