Book Review: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

January 26, 2012 book review 5

Each day Christine wakes, and doesn’t know where she is, or who she is sleeping next to.  She typically goes to the bathroom, where the mirror is loaded with pictures of her, a much older her than she remembers, and a man, the man she was lying next to.  
This is what we first learn about Christine Lucas, her husband Ben carefully and thoughtfully re-tells her daily that they have been married for twenty-two years.  That she was in a terrible accident and suffered a brain injury, and now she wakes each day with no memory, unable to create new memories and unsure of who she can trust.  
Christine also has a Dr, Dr. Nash calls her on the phone, and explains to her that he is helping her, he arranges to meet with her and pick her up.  She is curious as to why she is seeing a Dr without her husband’s support.  Why would he
During the two week odyssey of this book Christine is asked to start keeping a journal of her thoughts by Dr. Nash.  Daily she furiously writes everything she can as she learns of her life.  Small visions and memories do pop up, and she writes them down.  During her phone call daily with Dr. Nash, he tells her to read her journal, and then she wonders each day why Ben doesn’t tell her everything about her past life, about their life together.  She questions why a once dear friend no longer contacts her.  Christine questions so much.
I had wanted to read this book since I read it’s premise and saw the cover.  When I recently was invited to join a book club with Sandy and Heather, two wonderful local book bloggers, I was elated, and even more so when I learned this book was on tap for January.  
The book began well, Watson keeps the reader guessing as to what will come next, what will Christine learn and why does it appear Ben, her husband is keeping something from her, is it really for her own good?  Unfortunately the daily repetition was just that, repetitive, dull, slow to progress.  There were times I wanted to scream at Christine to demand more!!!  When things do start to move, the pace picks up, the story is even more twisted than I imagined, but then…sadly things are wrapped up a bit too neatly, and life is seldom that perfect.  
I think the premise of amnesia has been done a bit too often recently, and while I did enjoy this book, it is not my favorite, and from what others have told me there may be other books that have a better twist.  
I rated this book a 3 out of 5 stars, I liked it.  I just learned that it is coming out in paperback on February 7, so if you’re interested it will cost you a bit less. 
The copy I read was my own, purchased for my Nook. 

5 Responses to “Book Review: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson”

  1. Zibilee

    Yeah, this one was slightly disappointing to me too. It just became unfocused after while, and that ending stretched credibility to the max. I still say that if you want a great memory books, go with Turn of Mind. I loved reading your thoughts on this one, even if I did know a little bit of what you might say about this one!

  2. bermudaonion

    Okay, first of all, I’m totally jealous that you’re in a book club with Sandy and Heather! This book sounds interesting – too bad it all ties up so neatly in the end.

  3. Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks

    What Bermudaonion said!! What an awesome book group you’re in!

    I’m sorry to read that the ending of this disappoints.; neat and tidy endings often do! These psychological mysteries usually hold my attention, but I might give this one a pass.

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