Almost Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Edition

February 1, 2012 birthdays, family 10

Last Friday we wished a Happy 14th Birthday to our son, Nick.  He may look like he’s growing up, but he’s always going to be my baby.  He is bright, engaging, funny, and he has great taste in cakes too!!

As you can see, he’s grown up a lot since he was 3…….but still absolutely adorable!!

10 Responses to “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Edition”

  1. Beth

    He didn’t lick the cake did he? lol
    I can’t believe these kids are getting so old..but like Nick…Lydia will still be my baby… sometimes I have to remember that she is a teen now…and can make decisions etc!

  2. Zibilee

    What a handsome boy! I wish him a belated Happy Birthday, and hope that you all enjoyed that wonderful cake! It looks delicious!

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