Going Home

February 15, 2012 family, home 6

 my mom’s 80th birthday 2007

While I am very much grown up, with children of my own, going to visit my parents feels like going home.  Home is not about the geography of where they live, but the ambiance, the feeling of being with them, and feeling their love.  My parents no longer live in any of the homes I grew up in, I consider we had three, the one where I was brought home to as a newborn, in a suburb of Dallas.  Our second home was in a suburb of St. Louis where we moved when I was 6, and stayed until my departure for college.  Lastly those summers and winter breaks were spent in their lake house, farther from St. Louis, but I was still given my own room, not a guest room. 
My parents now live in a retirement community, a place with a continuum of care.  From Bungalows, to apartment independent living, to assisted living and lastly skilled nursing care.  Moving them three years ago was traumatic, giving up driving and space, but they are now safe, and happy and surrounded by similar age people and many more activities. 
So no, it’s not any home I lived in, but it’s filled with photos and artwork and knick knacks and smells of my childhood home.  My mom still tries to bake special treats when I visit, and she asks me what I’d like for breakfast so she can grocery shop and have it all.  When I visit we typically go out to eat, and stay up late talking, about just anything at all.  My mom and I also stay up and read, and share books we’ve read…I have loved introducing her to new writers. 
This visit is also bittersweet, because my dad is still in rehab, and he’s none to happy about it.  He has been there about seven weeks, and will be there another three to four.  As I’ve shared before, my dad is 87, and suffered a small stroke and fall just before Christmas.  He’s got to be able to use his walker, and take care of his personal needs before he goes home.  It’s a long battle, that often brings me to tears, and I pray he can accomplish it. 

So please think of me, I’ll be on fb and twitter, and I might even squeeze in a blog update beyond reviews. 
Going home……what does it mean to you?

6 Responses to “Going Home”

  1. Beth

    Hmmm going home.. My mom lives in the same town and one of the houses that I grew up in…but I avoid going there…because the house is the one that we lived in after my dad died so although I feel comfortable there I don’t think of it as home…My home is my house! Oh well

    Have a marvelous trip!

  2. Zibilee

    Anita, I wish you a lot of peace and will be praying for you as you travel home to visit your parents. I can imagine that it will be wonderful, but also a bit difficult. My thoughts are with you, my friend, and I wish you and your family blessings.

    Going home to see my dad is one of my favorite things to do. We are so much alike, and really enjoy each other’s company. It’s a feeling that I never tire of.

  3. Beth Hoffman

    Savor every moment with your folks, Anita. Please give them a squeeze from me. I hope you have a lovely time. I envy you; both my parents are gone and “going home” is only a memory.

  4. Sandy Nawrot

    My kids and I go back to “home” in Indiana every summer. A few years ago, my parents built their dream house and moved out of the house I was raised in. Very traumatic! But like you said, it is really about their presence and their stuff, and the fact that I become a teenage kid there, letting my mom wait on me and being lazy. It is totally therapeutic! Have a wonderful time with your parents!

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