College Softball is Rocking!!!

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My daughter Adrienne is a freshman at Seminole State College of Florida, she is a student athlete who lives and breathes fast pitch softball.  Playing in college was her dream, and she had several offers, she chose to stay in FL, and at a school with a 2 year program with a fantastic coach.  She’s had a wonderful first year academically, and she’s played hard on the field.  She is not the starting catcher, but her role is very important, warming up pitchers, batting in a clutch situation.  Her time will come.
This past weekend her team was one of 16 that qualified for the state tournament, we have two districts in FL and as such send 2 teams to the National tournament and one team earns a state title.  I traveled with my other daughter Caitie up to Pensacola to watch and cheer!!

Wow what a weekend.  In 4 out of 6 games they had come from behind wins, real nail biters!! These girls beat teams with gusto, fighting until the end of each game and playing fair and being humble.  They played 2 teams that were arrogant and sure they would beat Seminole…they were singing a different tune in the end.  The team suffered just one loss in semifinals and had to play Santa Fe twice to win the division and move on to State finals.

After a defining 8-2 win over Santa Fe the team went on to another dramatic 6th inning go ahead and finally a close 4-3 win over State College of FL Manatee to win the FSCAA title!!!  This is just huge, for the girls and our awesome coach, Courtney Miller.  Courtney has been the coach at SSC for 17 years and this is her first State title and trip to Nationals.
Here are just a few pictures.

The team will be traveling to St. George Utah in about 2 weeks, to be one of 16 teams again…battling it out.  I couldn’t be more proud. 

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  1. Zibilee

    This is so awesome! I was wondering how it went, and now I am cheering right along with you. Good Luck to the team!

  2. Jenners

    I don’t know if I could take the tension of that many come from behind wins!! YIKES!!

    And I’ve seen fast pitch softball on ESPN sometimes and it is very very impressive.

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