Happy Anniversary

May 19, 2012 anniversary, kevin, love 7

Today is my 22nd Wedding Anniversary.  I am two thousand miles away from Kevin, I am thinking of our years together. 

We met just 16 months before we married.  In just 6 months we were engaged and I felt certain we would be together forever. 

No marriage is always happy, but I can say that I am blessed with a wonderful husband who just “gets” me.  He’s so very easy going, so very unlike me, a true type A personality who stresses and frets, I want perfection and order, and I leave a wake where I go!!!  Kevin is mellow and kind, he sets goals and is great with saving and financial plans.  He is the mellow to my manic!! 

So while I’m not with him, as I’m in Utah cheering on our daughter Adrienne and her college softball team, I am thinking about him. 

So here we were 22 years ago, younger, unaware of what was going to happen next and oh so in love.  I’m hoping for many many more

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  1. Anita

    16 months – What a romance that must have been!

    The mellow to your manic – I like that. πŸ™‚

    Happy Anniversary! I’m sure you’ll be together always.

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