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     Back from fabulous trip to Utah via Las Vegas. I started out from home and drove 
to Tampa,which gave me an opportunity to see some good friends. Howard and I had
lunch and he took me to the airport where I met up with my softball mom friend
Tammy. We had gone to Pensacola for the State tournament together and had a
blast, so round 2 was planned! We had flights via Indianapolis to Las Vegas and
when we landed @8:15 local time but close to our east coast bed times! We met
up with Anne, another mom and got our rental car. No gambling for us, to the
hotel and sleep. 
     Wow do you know what time the sun rises in LV? Damn early!! We were up by 5:30am and out before 6:30. 
What a gorgeous drive, through mountains and canyons and so lovely and diverse, totally unlike Florida. 
We arrived in St. George Utah just 20 minutes before game time. Seminole State was playing Wallace,
and it was a tough game.  Our girls came out looking flat and not hitting the ball.  They lost 13-2, and it was 
so hard to see their faces.  I paced most of the game.  The good thing is that it's double elimination and they
returned to the fields at 4:30 and had a definitive win of 16-1. 
     Friday the team played again at 10am, and sadly their second loss.  They battle 12-9 and we cheered them 
on.  The other FL team came and cheered and our girls did the same for them in their last game. 
     We moms headed out to Zion National Park, just 30 miles away, driving through scenic small towns, with
 quaint houses and inviting small inns.  We rode the shuttle through the park and stopped for gorgeous pictures. 
My daughter still has my camera and so these are just from my iPhone. 
We stopped in one of the small towns and ate yummy Mexican food, complete with Margaritas and local beer. 
I took this great picture of a t shirt in the gift store.  Too funny not to share.

     Saturday morning the team and we moms headed out for a 2 plus hour drive to Bryce Canyon National Park. 
I can't even tell you how breathtaking this park is.  It makes you thankful that we have designated National Parks
and such natural wonders right here in our country. 
 I didn't take the 2.5 mile hike down in the canyon, I'm not as 
fit as I'd like to be and I'm so glad I didn't go.  Many of the 19-20 aged girls were huffing and puffing after making the
climb back up.   We said our good byes to all our daughters and their friends, and coaches.  We headed back to Vegas
for Anne to catch her red eye flight home.  Tammy and I stayed the night. 
     As tired as we were we walked to the strip, 5 very scary blocks, and saw the Bellagio Fountains.  We took a
cab back to our hotel, showered and crashed for the night.  Sunday morning we were up at 4am, and at the airport 
by 5:45 for our flight home.  I had to buy a few more souvenirs, and some candy from Ethel M's and  home we 
     I had a wonderful time, my daughter appreciated my support and I made memories with women I'll always cherish.
Go visit's so lovely and diverse and filled with great stuff!  

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  1. Anonymous

    Loved reading this post. (1) I love to travel….even if in my mind by coming along with you, and (2) I’m from the Pacific Northwest and those photos made me homesick for the terrain. Texas can be awfully flat!

    Kellie Coates Gilbert

  2. Anita

    I enjoyed the post, too. There are so many places in this country that I’d love to see. The only western states I’ve been to are California and Texas which are far different from the areas in between. Some day… *sigh*

    I’m glad you had a good time, despite the outcome of the games.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

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