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June 4, 2012 Armchair BEA 7

    Welcome to my blog!!  I’m Anita, a 50-something woman, who is all the things my blog title says and a book lover too!!  I started blogging 4 years ago, as a way to just write.  I intended to write about me, my feelings, my family.  I chose topics from the news, from our family life, and things that were interesting to me.  At some point I decided I’d like to add book reviews to my blog, and I started slow, and I was oh so nervous to write and give my opinion.  I had a small following by that time, and I received positive responses, so I just stayed with it.  Only during the last 18 months did I truly connect with other book bloggers, twitter, etc.

    My favorite part of the book blogging community is the openly kind and sharing attitude of most bloggers.  I regularly read a few blogs, and I feel so thankful for all they have taught me.  I learn of new books, new authors, book imprints, talking to publicists, and authors.  My list and stacks of books I want to read is longer now than it has ever been.  Long gone are the days of not having anything to read next.  Now I’m reading ARC’s and picking up new books and anxious to read so much!!  I do often wonder if I’ll ever catch up.   

    If I could eat dinner with any character in would be Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.  I would want to sit down with her after her night with Boo Radley and after Jem woke up.  I’d like to know more about how the events of those childhood summers influenced her, and her life growing up.  I’d like to know more about Atticus Finch, how he parented, how growing up in their home was unique.  I suppose I’d love to meet Harper Lee, if I could really ask her questions related to Mockingbird and Capote and why there were no more books.

    My reading tastes have definitely changed since I’ve been blogging.  I have a very dear friend, she reads voraciously and is also a yet to be published writer.  I’ve always had good suggestions from her.  She helped break me out of my James Patterson/John Grisham rut.  I was missing so many authors and new authors too.  Since blogging I’m even more eager to listen to  recommends and I’m open to trying new genres and voices.  I’m also better at abandoning books I really don’t enjoy.  I’m now reading mostly literary fiction, women’s fiction and some mystery/thriller.  I enjoy memoirs, and some historical fiction. 

    I’m not sure where I see my blog in five years.  In my “dream” world I’d find a way to turn my love of books and blogging into a paying job, but it’s sort of just a dream.  As my life changes, in five years my son will be in college, and my daughters hopefully out or in grad school, I hope my blog will contain more posts about my husband and I traveling, and dining out more.  I imagine I’ll still be reading and writing reviews. 

    Thanks for the questions Armchair BEA :).  I’m excited now to head off and discover more bloggers sharing their introduction today. 

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      1. Lisa

        I am often amazed at how many people can’t abandon a book. There are so many books! Why keep reading something you hate? I think this is why I enjoy almost everything I finish, because I don’t bother finishing something I don’t enjoy.

      2. Becky LeJeune

        Thanks for the visit, Anita! Isn’t it wonderful having bookish friends? I met my first real reader friends when I was still a bookseller and my TBR list has been growing exponentially ever since!

      3. Ariel Wilson

        I love meeting older bloggers! It’s so common to meet younger 20-something bloggers, but I love getting to know older, wiser readers as well 🙂

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