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June 5, 2012 Armchair BEA 8

Good afternoon!!  I’m not able to attend BEA in NYC, so I’m participating in the next best thing!!  Armchair BEA is like virtually being there with all those publishers, and authors and booksellers and bloggers.  It’s not as adventurous but it’s a great way to meet new bloggers, and chat up my passion…books.

Today’s suggested topic is discussing the best book you’ve read in 2012, or what you are most looking forward to later this year.
I don’t feel I have a lot to say about either……….so I’ll do both.

I’ve had a wild string of good luck in the books I’ve read this year, a LOT of 4 and 5 star books, superb fiction.  I would still say the best was the non-fiction read from Anna Quindlen, 

You can read my review from the link, but it really touched my heart, and it was such a quick read, but so worth it.

I have a full calendar of books to read this month and next, but not a lot planned for fall.  One book I am looking forward to is from Sarah Jio, her third novel, Blackberry Winter

If you’re not familiar with Sarah, her first two books, The Violets of March and The Bungalow, were wonderful.  I keep telling people that Sarah has an old soul, she has written twice using the time period of the 1940’s, going back and forth with her characters and she does it so well.  My mom loved both of her first two books, and my mom is a hard sell!!  This book is set to publish in late September, and I’ll be reviewing it before launch day.  Please come back and check it out. 

Good luck to everyone with all the giveaways and the twitter party tonight….I can’t wait!!

8 Responses to “Armchair BEA Best of 2012”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    I think Quindlen’s book is something I really need to read, considering (ahem) my age. There are certainly a lot of candles on my cake these days.

  2. ibeeeg

    I have not read anything by Sarah Jio, and I am thinking that I need to change that. The cover for Blackberry Winter is beautiful.

  3. Meg @ write meg!

    Oooh, I didn’t know Sarah Jio has a new book coming out! How exciting. I really enjoyed the first two, and Blackberry Winter looks really good.

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