Book Review: Objects of My Affection

June 14, 2012 audio, book review 2

Objects of My Affection by Jill Smolinski

Narrated by: Xe Sands

Produced by: Blackstone Audio 2012

Length: Approximately 10.5 hours

Lucy Bloom is happy to have a job de-cluttering a home.  She is in dire need of an income.  She’s sold her house, and most everything in it to help her son.  She’s a mom, and her actions show that she’s been willing to do anything to help Ash out, she’s given it all up to pay for his rehab at The Willows in Florida.  It’s a long way from Chicago area where she’s now bunking with a friend, and taking a job she feels she can do, based on the book she wrote about organizing, Things are Not People.  So she’s been hired by the son of a reclusive but famous painter.  Marva Meier Rios has a big home, and when Lucy takes the job, she’s given a deadline, with the prize of a bonus if she makes it.  It all seems possible, and then Lucy sees the mess, and meets Marva, and she realizes this job is about much more than just de-cluttering.

Lucy is an easy to like character, she has good intentions, for her son, her client and she’s typically doing all she can to ensure good results.  Her recent choices have been hard ones, she broke up with Daniel because he told her it was her son, Ash, or him.  Selling her house to pay for re-hab…now that is a major sacrifice for your child.  Lucy seems intrigued when she’s hired by William to clean up his mother’s home.  He insists she keep the client secret and even creates a persona of someone else to present to an auctioneer who will be reviewing things in the home to be sold. Lucy has a good sense of people, and she feels that Marva has much more than hoarding going on in her life.

I enjoyed this book, I liked the characters, flaws and all.  Lucy was the glue that held it all together and I enjoyed that she came to know much more about herself in the midst of cleaning up someone else’s  mess.  Jill Smolinski has created a classic curmudgeon in the character of Marva.  She’s in her middle 60’s and has a few health issues, but she is a free spirit, an artist and she doesn’t really appreciate the invasion of Lucy, hired not by her but by her son to clean up the clutter.  Marva is sharp and witty and does not give up easy….and when she sets her mind to something…look out. The book weaves in the story of Marva’s youth, her greatest work, and her son.  Smolinski also gives us a deeper look into Lucy and her relationship with Daniel and her son, Ash.   While many of the topics seem very heavy, be assured there is much humor and sarcasm in this book, just enough to keep you smiling. 

This audio book was such a good listen.  The narration by Xe Sands increased my enjoyment no doubt.  With each character her slight change of tone gave them a unique voice. I completely enjoyed her ability to vocalize a raise in eyebrow or smirk. 

I’ve rated this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars, I liked it.  I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a book that gives a lighter look at some of the less than happy things in life. 

Thank You to Blackstone Audio and Audiobook Jukebox for the copy of this audiobook for my review. 

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  1. Mary (Bookfan)

    I really liked this novel and agree that Sands’ performance added to my enjoyment. Nice review – mine is scheduled to post tomorrow.

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