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July 15, 2012 Weekly Review 6

I’m trying to create a weekly post that will try to sum up what’s been going on. I’m hoping this is a way for followers who have visited for book reviews to get to know me better.  While I’ve been blogging for four years, my blog focus has changed, and I’d like to return to some more writing. 

This past week as been about the same as most during the summer.  Caitie has been working and taking classes at the local community college.  She is very busy. Her sorority sister and roommate this fall has been here this weekend.   Adrienne left on Tuesday to visit her girl friend Lauren in VA.  Lauren will be attending a different school this fall, and playing softball.  I hate for Adrienne to be sad and having a long distance relationship, but I have to try to support her, and be there if things don’t work out.  Nick has been the social butterfly that he is!!  He has less than a month until school starts again, and he’s making the most of having friends over, sleeping over, sleeping in,going to the beach, swimming…you know that thing 14 year olds enjoy about summer. 

I’m working random hours at the book store, no two weeks are alike, which is difficult for planning, but then again, it is part time, and I do put in for days off when I want, and things seem to be just fine. 

Summer reading is fitting in fairly well, though not as quickly as I’d like as usual.  I’m so thankful for discovering more audio books, they are making the time I need to cook, clean or drive so much nicer. I’d have never imagined myself having a list of books loaded on my i-device and ready for my mood.  My shelves still runneth over…..I really think the only way to stop acquiring would be to stop reading book blogs, stop working in a book store, and just stay home…ha ha.

Last week the weekly update from my sister about my parents was sad and disturbing.  My dad had woken in the night with a headache.  He was trying to take some Tylenol but couldn’t find it in the medicine cabinet, so he took two “something”, those being  prescription medicines my mom takes.  Good Lord, he told my mom, and she called someone, I’m still not sure who.  They live in a Senior complex, independent living apartment.  They have access to home health care, which they have used because my dad has needed continued physical therapy.  My dad is 87 years old, and he has multiple health issues including Parkinson’s Disease, macular degeneration, and dementia.  For the last several years these symptoms have all increased and it’s more and more difficult for him to be independent.  If he didn’t have my mom, he couldn’t live alone.  It’s heart breaking.  Sadly we worry when he may have to be moved to either assisted or full nursing care sooner than we’d like.  We are also looking at his quality of life , and it is so very hard, I can’t imagine how he will feel if my parents don’t live together.  My husband, Kevin, felt so bad for me that he decided we’d take a short 3 day trip to TX in two weeks.  I’m going back in September, and again in the winter.  I most often travel to see my folks alone, cost prohibits all of us flying out for short trips.  My kids go once or twice a year.  These are difficult realities, aging parents and having to help them where they once guided us, and gave us so much. 

Have a great week my friends….on tap for us–Adrienne comes home, I’m working two late nights.  I’ll be reading and listening to books…all is good with that!!

6 Responses to “Weekly Catch Up”

  1. Zibilee

    I am sorry to hear that things are so rough with your parents. I can imagine what you are going through is very difficult. I hope that things calm down soon in that department, and that you can enjoy the rest of your summer without worrying. Take care over there.

  2. Pam

    I love this idea of weekly catch up post! It’s nice to hear what’s happening in your corner of the world. I’m sorry to hear about your parents difficulties. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you. It will be nice for you to get a quick visit in before September. Hang in there. {{hugs}}

  3. Beth

    I read this post early early this morning but didn’t comment! Hugs to you about your parents! Hopefully things will figure out for your dad!

    Why is C taking classes at the CC? Nick sounds like he is having a good time this summer! I hope A’s heart doesn’t break!

  4. Terra

    Oh man, I am so sorry anita, I can’t imagine how you are feeling and I am glad you are going to get out to visit so often in the coming months. If you need a shoulder you know where to find me.

  5. Anita

    Never a dull moment, is it?

    I’m glad your kids are all busy and occupied this summer. I also hope that growing pains won’t be too difficult for them; that when it strikes, they’ll have what it takes to get through it. They’ll surely have you and your husband, just as your parents have you. Blessings as you handle the ups and downs of your parent’s situation.

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