Happy Monday…catching up!!!

August 13, 2012 catching up 7

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in 11 days…but I do have some good reasons.

1. Twin Caitie moved back to Jacksonville this past Saturday, starting sophomore year and living off campus in an apartment is an exciting time for her.  UNF has been so good for her.  She worked full time this summer and took two classes at the local CC and made 2 A’s(yay).  She’s all moved in, and it was a good thing. 

2. Nick started High School last Wednesday…yes my baby boy started 9th grade….wow, now this one is amazing to me.  High school.  So far so good, honors classes, freshman football starts practicing tomorrow.  I know his teachers, yes the second time around with kids in high school is feeling so much more comfortable. 

3. Twin Adrienne is also prepping for moving back to college.  She ended her stint as my paid house cleaner on Friday, and yes she did a fine job, but she was paid better than most.  Her girlfriend arrived from VA Friday night.  They played softball together at Seminole State College last year, Lauren will now be moving on to finish school at Univ of Pitt.  She’ll be here all week. 

4.  My girls are now 19!!! August 12 is their birthday, my first one apart from Caitie, but it was good, we celebrated most of last week!!  They got gifts, special home dinners, lunch out and the list goes on.  I can’t believe they are 19…..it sounds so much older than 18 did. 

So there ya go….my life in a nutshell…and I’ve been feeling very nutty.   I am ready for the routine of back to school.  My reading has been all messed up.  I did finish a book last week, one I loved, review to come.  My audio time has been less too…..soon to be remedied and I have great stuff!! 

Oh one more crazy thing here, my husband’s new boss starts tomorrow.  A new CEO after a nationwide search and this man seems very nice and capable hubby says.  Of course he has nerves, he’s taking him around visiting credit union branches, my hubs is the CFO of a mid to large size credit union.  It’s all good, he’ll be fine…but change is not fun for most people. 

Monday is here, and I’m back volunteering at the high school in Student Services.  We check students in and out, parents are permitted to call and check them out, they simply get a pass to leave campus and check back in on return.  It’s a nice gig, just 3.5 hours a week and I get to know a lot more staff and sometimes the students I don’t want my son to know to well. 

Have a wonderful week!!!

7 Responses to “Happy Monday…catching up!!!”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    My reading has been awful. I have way too many things going on, I’m having sleepless nights over how I’m going to figure out the ever-increasing schedule with a hubby that works all the time. We have high school, three different sports, my own training, and my duties as Treasurer of Home and School. Yes I wanted summer over, I’m just bitching. I have to get in my groove again…

  2. Beth

    Ahhh Anita you sound so relaxed! Lots of good stuff happening for you all! Lydia is starting tennis today…8-2…all week…like being at school but I get to stay home! Woot Enjoy your peace!

  3. Zibilee

    My kids start school soon, and it will be nice to have the house to myself again, and not have to worry about them all day long. It sounds as if you are getting back to the regular routine, and that you have a lot to be thankful for. Glad to hear that these past few weeks have been good ones for you!

  4. Anita

    I agree with Beth – You are definitely in a good mood! With all the special things going on, it’s wonderful that you can embrace them. Get back to your reading later; when you can.

  5. Terra

    I love your part time gig at the school, what a great way to stay in the loop but be so far out of it (like we are supposed to be in HS) What a treat. I can’t believe you celebrated 19 this year…geez.

  6. Jenners

    Summer seems to mess with everyone’s blogging and reading. It will be nice once school is back in full swing and we get a routine back.

    It is a big step to live out of the dorms. That must be so exciting for her … and a big step in becoming independent.

    And a new CEO is a big deal. you never know how that stuff will go down.

    The school gig sounds like perfection. I’d totally do that!

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