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September 2, 2012 Weekly catch up 4

I’ve had a really good week…yay for me!!!  Last weekend I had quick trips/visits with both my girls.  How could they have forgotten things at home?  Ha….so the dutiful mom took things to them. 

The week was the most back to routine I’ve had in a long time, worked two days, volunteered at the high school, spent a lot of time reading, listening to audio book, and writing a bit too:). 

My son, Nick, has already been in school three and a half weeks.  He’s liking his classes, and doing very well…proud mom!!  Freshman football game was moved from this week to end of season, the new helmets didn’t arrive til late and they wanted the boys to practice more.  I cannot wait to see Nick play!!  He is so very excited. 

Update on the new boss for my hubs….it’s going very well.  Kevin really likes him, and he’s been a positive addition to the office. 

My folks have been having a really rough time.  My dad’s dementia is really accelerating, in addition to the problems with Parkinson’s Disease.  My mom is having a hard time sleeping, dad has restless leg, and he goes to bed too early, and often wakes after midnight feeling it’s time to get up.  He is resistant to changing to two twin beds in their apartment, he’s also not considering respite care where he could sleep occasionally and allow my mom to have the apartment to get better rest.  UGH.  My mom then told my sister she had a bump of some type in her stomach…this was in the parking lot of their Dr they just were leaving from an appointment with my dad….their shared Gerontologist!!  My sister in law took her in the next day, he was shocked at the size of this lump, he was sure it was a large hernia.  She had a CT scan and sure enough that’s what it is.  She’ll be seeing a surgeon on Wednesday, but her regular Dr isn’t sure he will do surgery on her, she’s 85 this month, so we are unsure of the next steps.  Many parts of aging are just awful!!! 

So Happy Labor Day to all…I hope you spend the day enjoying friends or family.  I’ll be thinking of my dad, Charles Sanders.  A dedicated United Auto Worker since he was about 23.  My dad started in a Ford plant, worked his way up to local union president.  He then went to work for UAW International and began his long career of negotiating contracts and working for others.  There are good and bad things that labor unions have done in the US, but I grew up as a child who only saw the positives, and I always think of my dad, and the folks he worked with on Labor day.

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  1. Terra

    I am glad you have such positive memories to hang on to. It sounds like a trying time for everyone, I hope your dad finds peace.

  2. Ali

    I love your weekly updates but hate to hear the bad news about your parents. I agree, aging can be very difficult. Find comfort in routines…I love uneventful, right on schedule, weekly routines!

  3. Anita

    I was just talking to friends this morning about the problems their parents are having. Sad. Hang in there.

    I’m glad you’re managing to enjoy time with your activities and children.

    And kudos to you for giving thought to the real meaning of Labor Day.

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