Catching Up

September 10, 2012 Uncategorized 2

Last week was a short work/school week, but felt oh so busy.  I completed one audio and one read book, and reviewed both.  I have NO backlog and now I’m just working at the pace I’m reading/listening, and not doing such a great job. 

I worked three days, having a good time selling books.  I am giddy when a new book releases and I have so much to say about it.  I was thrilled to be chatting up Hemingway’s Girl!!  I’m also finding more people who adore Gillian Flynn, how could I have been missing her for so long? 

Thursday Nick and the freshman football team had their first game.  They sadly lost 20-27, but I think they played well.  I captured this picture of a rainbow over the goal post.  The game had a delayed start because of rain, but oh what a beautiful site.  Nick is #18, he’s on the right side in the goal area.

My mom had surgery on Friday for a very large hernia.  She stayed two nights in the hospital and is now home recovering.  My dad is currently staying in Asst living apartment in their complex.  My mom can’t really help him and this is a good place for him.  It’s a special memory care unit, and he’s doing well. 

Saturday night Nick had his first high school homecoming.  My young man is quite handsome. 
The girl is just a friend, actually she’s a senior…and she even picked him up…ha ha.  He said he had a good time.

I’m heading to Texas tomorrow to give my mom a hand while she recovers for a few days.  I don’t feel as well as I usually do when it comes to leaving things set up for Nick and Kevin, but it’s getting there and I know they will be fine.  I’m also going to be able to see a writer I met in February .  Kellie Coates Gilbert has just had her first book published by  Abingdon Press, Mother of Pearl. Please click on the link to learn more about Kellie.  I can’t wait to sit and chat with her, she’s just home from her book launch in her home state of Idaho!!  
I’m hoping to publish a review tomorrow of The Meryl Streep Movie Club, a wonderful debut novel by Mia March.  It will be my first post and introduction to my readers to a new book club blog….She Reads!
Have a wonderful week my friends!!!!

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  1. Pam

    Glad your Mom (and Dad) are doing well. It’s nice that you are able to visit and help out for a few days. Enjoy the time with your parents and your author friend.

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