Happy Friday!!!

September 14, 2012 Uncategorized 4

Good Morning!!  I’ve been in Texas since Tuesday morning, and I’m taking a quick minute to say hi and update.

My mom is doing very well since her surgery, she is moving doing a bit more each day.  I am so pleased she is healing well.  Monday she returns to the surgeon to have the staples removed.  It’s been good to help her out, do small things for her and enjoy her company. 

Daddy is temporarily living in the building next door, in an assisted living memory care unit.  He has a small guest apartment and has three meals a day.  He actually went down to the painting activity yesterday!!  This is not my father usually.  This is where is should probably be living, if he didn’t have my mom’s help he would be.  The staff is phenominal, so kind and professional yet caring at what they do.  The garden is lovely and I plan on having coffee with him out there this morning!!  Even through dementia and Parkinson’s Disease I still see glimpses of my dad, and when I do it makes me smile and and so happy to have him with us.  Aging is not for wimps, it’s often difficult and robs the person of much of who they were.  That’s for another day I think. 

I’ve also had a little time with my sister, Ouida…she is the best!!  Much of this has been hard on her, she’s the oldest and takes on the largest part of the caregiver role for my folks.  I love her so much, and yet worry about the stress this brings to her.  I’ll be having lunch with her today before my flight home. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend….and folks, if you still have your parents in your life, take a minute to hug or call them…..I can’t do it enough now!!! 

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    It is so hard to see your parents age and become ill. I guess when you imagine the stages of your life, you think of your kids, not your parents. But it is a huge part of the life cycle. I saw my parents struggle through it, and I know someday it will be on my shoulders. At least you are able to go down occasionally and see them!

  2. Beth Hoffman

    I’m so glad your mom is healing well and that you got to see glimpses of the dad that you remember.

    You’re a good daughter, Anita. I’m sure your folks were delighted to have you spend time with them.

    I’ll always remember the day when my grammy grumbled and said, “This aging business isn’t for sissies!”

    Happy weekend to you and yours.

  3. Zibilee

    I am glad that your mom is doing well, and that she is getting better each day. It’s also good that your dad is living in the assisted facility. I think it’s important that he gets the help he needs. Lord knows it can’t be easy for you, so you will be in my thoughts today.

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