Book Review: The Meryl Streep Movie Club

September 18, 2012 book review, She Reads 3

Written By:  Mia March

Published By: Gallery Books June 2012

Pages: 352

Source: ARC picked up from work

I’d like to start by saying this book is my first review for a newish website, She Reads.  I’m excited to be part of a group of book bloggers that will be sharing our thoughts on a monthly chosen book.  Along with the reviews there will be interviews with the author, and a book chat.  Please check out the site, it’s full of great books, and book chit chat:).

June and Isabel lose their parents in a tragic car accident that also takes the life of their uncle.  They are 16 and 13 and then live with their Aunt Lolly and cousin Kat.  Lolly owns a lovely bed and breakfast in Maine, The Three Captains Inn, and she raises the girls the best she can after their loss.  Isabel falls in love with Edward, whom she met after her parents death as he was a teen grief counselor.  They marry and now fifteen years later she appears to live a charmed life.  Her sister June grows up and attends college in NYC.  One lost weekend of love leads to a young motherhood, single to boot.  She never forgets John but has no way to find him, she’s tried.  Her life has lead her to a safe role as book store manager and mom to now seven year old Charlie.  Kat stayed at the Inn with her mom, and she’s become an excellent baker.  She aspires to travel and to open her own bakery at some point.  At the request of Aunt Lolly Isabel and June are summoned home for an announcement, not even Kat knows the news that will change their lives forever.

The back story of these four women doesn’t really tell much about this lovely book.  When the girls are reunited they do learn a secret, and they vow to stick together and face this challenge together.  They pick up old traditions together, one being Movie Night at the Inn, and as it happens as they reunite it’s Meryl Streep Movie month and through a series of wonderful movies they talk, share, and learn much more about each other.  The first movie was The Bridges of Madison County, perhaps my very favorite movie starring Ms. Streep.   The discussion was likely what many of us have had with our own friends, fidelity, love, passion, what we ourselves would do in a similar situation.  I loved it all!! 

This book was such a comfy, warm read.  It had some predictable outcomes, and some very sad twists, but in all I felt very happy reading it.  Mia March did a wonderful job creating different thoughts on each of the movies and of sharing how very diverse and lovely the movies of Meryl Streep are.  I had many questions about the book when others saw the cover, in fact my own sister was sad I didn’t finish the book while in Texas last week, but rest assured I will be sending it to her.  I’ve given this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I enjoyed it very much.  I think this book would make a super book club choice, and I’d follow it up with a movie and some popcorn.  By the way….I’ve got new movies to watch after reading this book……..and old ones to review.

You can learn more about Mia March on her website. 

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  1. Jenn's Bookshelves

    I loved this one as well. It was just the book I needed, too. While the subject matter is heavy, the tone of the book didn’t feel that way at all. A perfect weekend read!

  2. Zibilee

    I have heard a lot about this book, and a lot of it has been positive. I know that others were reading it as well, and I was really interested in your take on it. Sometimes reads like this can be predictable for me, but I do enjoy the warmth and coziness of these types of books as well. Thanks for giving us such a great and intriguing review on this one. I think I might pick it up when I can!

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