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October 1, 2012 Weekly catch up 3

This past week has been particularly draining.  I did read and I did finish an audio book…so that’s something.  Look for a couple of reviews this week.

My son was sick last week, came home from football practice with a fever…103 fever!!  He refuses to take medicine, can’t swallow a pill, so I hope he outgrows that fear soon.  I kept him home Wednesday, and his fever came down on it’s own before he went to bed.  I kept him home half of Thursday to rest.  Viruses..ugh!

The stress of the last week is about the challenges of my parents.  As I’ve shared they are 87 and 85, and the changes they have experienced in the last few years is daunting.  My dad, my dad, he’s not really the man I grew up with.  He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease six years ago, he also has macular degeneration and so legally blind.  Call it dementia, or Alzheimer’s but my dad also suffers from memory loss and his cognitive skills are diminished.  This combination is so devastating and difficult to witness.  While both my parents now live in a retirement community, and have lived together in independent living without my mom’s constant care he would not continue to live there.  This past summer my dad has fallen a number of times, thankfully unharmed.  He also needs help with some personal needs and this and his cognitive issues and the care of him has really become too much for my mom.  She recently had hernia surgery…a result of helping my dad, and she really isn’t that strong.
Sadly my siblings and I, along with my mom, have decided that my dad will remain in the assisted living, memory care unit of their complex.  He’s been there since September 7, the day of my mom’s surgery.  He’ll move to a permanent apartment, which will be decorated and furnished with familiar belongings from their home.    Unfortunately he fell again Saturday and has some hairline fractures in his ankle.  This was like adding yet another odd shaped piece to a difficult puzzle…trying to explain to him the decided changes, he may require a cast now, on and on this goes.  I feel some guilt being so far away from my parents, and not being able to share some of the increasing day to day to weekly needs my siblings are able to assist with.  I’m sad because my parents who have been married for almost 68 years are now living and sleeping in different apartments.  No longer kissing goodnight, waking and talking over the Today Show and coffee.  I know many of their routines have been altered, but this is significant change.  I’m thankful they can afford the level of care they have.  I’m thankful for each day I still have them in my life too.

This week I’m traveling, heading to Rhode Island to visit two friends, and to attend some book events.  I’m feeling very lucky to have this get-a-way.  I’ll be tweeting and doing some FB updates….so look for me! 

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  1. Zibilee

    This is all happening so fast. I’m sorry that it’s happening at all. I will be thinking and praying for your family.

  2. bermudaonion

    Watching your parents age is so so hard. My son used to have trouble swallowing pills until the doctor suggested he “practice” with mini M & M’s. It worked!

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