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October 21, 2012 weekends, Weekly catch up, Weekly Review 3

I keep trying to find a post title I like as a way of catching up or recapping my week.  Lots of book bloggers are part of TSS, The Sunday Salon, and many don’t bother with any type of look back.  I kind of like it…as I don’t really write about daily activities most weeks.  So suggest some good Post Titles for me if you’ve got any ideas!!

Last weekend found the whole family in Jacksonville for UNF Family Weekend.  We headed up Saturday morning and we toured some new buildings on campus.  Their new wellness center/fitness facility is so cool.  A 3 floor rock climbing wall, tons of machines and group classes.  We had a fabulous dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill after we did some shopping.  Sunday we had lunch with the ladies of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.  We had a silent auction and I won some California Pizza Kitchen gift cards and cookbook.  There was a raffle for a quilt…so sad I didn’t win that one. 

The week was so quiet!!  I wasn’t scheduled to work at all…very odd, but kind of nice.  I did read quite a bit and I cleaned house.  I did my volunteering at the high school.  Speaking of high school, Nick has completed 9 weeks and after midterms he got all A’s!  Yes I’m proud, while I know he’s capable, he tends to take the easy way with much school work…lazy.  I baked pumpkin bread one day too….yummmm on that smell and thankfully I gave over half of it away. 

Friday Nick went off to school and I have been luxuriating at The Peabody Orlando while Kevin has been working with the management team and board of directors.  This planning meeting is an annual event, for me it’s a chance to get away, stay in a nice resort and we eat way too much…ugh.  I’ve also finished another book, and enjoyed the sunshine outside and relaxed!!  Nick’s been staying with a friend, his sisters too busy to make it home to help out. 

Our Sunday will be brunch, and then off to see Adrienne playing softball at Stetson University.  Friday afternoon they played Florida Tech and she hit a two run homerun!!  I was sad to miss it but my brother and sister in law were there and quite proud of her.  Our weather has become less humid and a bit cooler, mind you it’s Florida, so it will still be 80 but that’s so nice after a LONG HOT summer. 

Wishing you a wonderful week…hoping to post a couple of reviews this week and my final Rhode Island post…where I share my day at NEIBA. 

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    I absolutely love it when my husband has a business gig somewhere, and I get to tag along. Funny, he always worries that I won’t have anything to do! Yeah right! Leave me alone with my computer, my books, the spa, the fitness center, without anybody screaming “MOOOOOMMMMMMM!”, and I am a happy girl.

  2. Anita

    Two thirds of the way to Empty Nest seems to be working for you. šŸ™‚

    As a post title, how about something with the number 7 in it,if you plan to do it every 7 days. Like: “7 Down” as in 7 down, # to go. Or, “What Did I Do All Week!?” You’ll come up with something,or stick with the Weekly Recap; it works. šŸ™‚

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