Book Review: Close Your Eyes

October 23, 2012 audiobook, book review, books 6

By:  Amanda Eyre Ward

Published by: Random House Audio/Random House July 2011

Length:  7 hours/ 272 pages

Narrated by: Meera Simhan and Phoebe Zimmerman

 Source: Purchased with credit. 

Lauren Mahdian has mixed memories and feelings about her childhood.  When she was six years old her parents were having a party and she and her brother, Alex, had gone to the tree house to sleep.  Lauren recalls waking in the night, hearing some noises and then going to the house.  She thinks she has seen her parents arguing, and she quickly retreats to the safety of her brother to sleep.  Their father brings them doughnuts the next day….and then suddenly her picturesque life is shattered with her mother being carried out on a stretcher, her father being arrested and she and her brother being moved and raised by other family members far away from the New York state suburbia they were living

All grown up now, Alex is Lauren’s rock, her constant and when he decides to volunteer for doctors without borders she is anxious…and worried. He tells her has been researching their mother’s murder, and he doesn’t believe his father is guilty. He leaves her with contact names and numbers in NY, detectives who are still looking into their father’s case. He also leaves her an earring, a single Jade earring found the morning they found their mother’s body. When Alex goes missing Lauren  decides she must find out more…about that night, about the past. 

As Part 2 of this audio begins…there are totally new characters, and for a moment I thought my audible app had skipped to a new book.  Keep reading or listening dear friends….it just keeps getting better. 

There is much mystery  about Lauren’s father, his life, his prison sentence, everything.  I was completely surprised by the twists and turns in this book.  I was unsure of where this story was going, I could not pinpoint where it would go.  I loved that it was so well done.  Amanda Eyre Ward did an excellent job of bringing in just enough information to make me think I knew what was going on…and then she twisted me again….so good!!  It was easy to feel empathy for Lauren, girl brought up with no mother, her father in prison for murder, on and on it goes.  Even as a grown woman she seems lost, unsettled despite the fact she is a real estate agent and lives with a man in a stable appearing relationship. 

The narration of this book was done with two people and it was very good.  I’m not familiar with either of these voices but they fit nicely into breaking the story down. 

This is the first book I’ve read from Amanda Eyre Ward…I will be reading more.  I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars…I really liked it.  Please visit her website, and she’s on twitter and fb too!!  Meeting her at Evening with Authors was such a pleasure, I wish I’d had more time to chat with her about Close Your Eyes… gifted she is to have woven this tale. 

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  1. Zibilee

    It sounds like this one was mysterious and thrilling, without skimping on the characterizations. That’s good to hear. I might have to see if I can grab it for when I am in the mood for something like this. Nicely written review today, Anita!

  2. Poof...books!

    Never heard of this auuthor or this book but it sounds intriguing. Love the comment about pt. 2 and the switching of gears, hope you were not driving at the time. What is this Evening With Authors sounds like a a fab event.

  3. Jenny

    I’ve read a few of her books, but I tend to read them really fast and retain little memory of them. This one I read as well but I don’t remember it at all and even reading this my recall is vague, LOL!

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