NEIBA Breakfast and Exhibit Experience

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The Great Literary Vacation continues.

Thursday morning October 4 was an author breakfast at New England Independent booksellers Association, NEIBA, and when I learned the speakers I was certain I needed to be there. 

Lisa Genova, Dennis Lehane, Junot Diaz, and James Dashner were the breakfast speakers.  I’ve read all of Lisa Genova’s books and have enjoyed and felt a bit educated after each one.  I spoke with Robin, and she changed her morning after event plans to purchasing a table for the breakfast.

James Dashner
 Dennis Lehane
Lisa Genova
 Junot Diaz
I beg your forgiveness for the lack of photo quality….I should likely just remove them…eeek so awful!! But I was there, and I was literally holding my breath I was so excited.  It wasn’t enough to meet authors the night before, I was sitting in a banquet room with authors and booksellers and book lovers and I was thrilled to be included.  Robin invited the authors from her event, but only Amanda Eyre Ward attended, and Juliette Fay was also at our table.  Not sure where my head was because I was not all over Juliette, I think I was a bit dazed!  
James Dashner is the author of THE MAZE RUNNER and it’s sequals, and was promoting a new series from Schoolastic, the first A MUTINY IN TIME: INFINITY RING #1, sounds like a great middle grade read.  He discussed books and kids and he was very endearing. 
I will now hang my head and admit I’ve never read a Dennis Lehane book.  It’s true.   His latest book is LIVE BY NIGHT, and I’ve naturally heard good things.  Dennis is from Boston, the setting of many of his books like MISTIC RIVER, yea I’ve seen the movie(tsk tsk).  He talked about his youth, where he came from, the darker, seedier side of Boston, so interesting.  I loved his honesty and you could just see that spark in him when he spoke of how lucky he is to be paid for doing what he loves most.  I will be reading Mr. Lehane’s books.
Lisa Genova was the third speaker and as I’ve said I’ve read all her books, and loved them all.  She was funny as she followed Dennis Lehane and showed her own Bostonian dialect off !Lisa was open, sharing her personal story of autism within her family. Her new book LOVE ANTHONY was inspired by her this. She spoke of not wanting to write this book, but how it she couldn’t not write the book.  Trust me, not a dry eye at our table of women and mostly moms. 
Lastly Junot Diaz spoke.  I am only familiar with his work because of the books I’ve seen and sold.  I was surprised at his colorful language, but then I realize this is how he writes.  Junot talked about growing up in New Jersey, having a paper route at age 10, and seeing an ad for books–Free.  He had to work out a plan, to get them home, how he and his brother used two grocery carts.  Those were the first books he owned, his first library.  Listening to him speak I was taken by his humble beginnings and that he has worked so hard to achieve his dreams, prizes, rewards and accolades have been given to him for many of his works.  His newest book of short stories THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER is going to be a very good read.  
Post talks the breakfast wrapped up and I was lucky enough to have my books signed.  Lisa Genova was again endearing…so so kind.  Dennis Lehane was very nice, and he’s easy on the eyes too.  Then there was Junot, he greeted me with a kiss on each cheek, and he then told me he loves book bloggers because we do it for just the love of books.  I adored how he said this.  I’d love to be able to sit down and talk to this man….he is so smart!!  
Guess who else I ran into? The lovely Dawn Rennert from Concord Books and the blog She is Too Fond of Books.  So thrilled to meet Dawn in person, but not nearly enough time to talk
I then made my way to the Exhibit Floor, where I was promptly overwhelmed.  I do not think I could handle BEA!!!  I was sort of on my on, as Robin had some errands to run.  I roamed around, carrying books, and then acquired a bag…thankfully.  I handed out business cards, introduced myself as a blogger and was given an opportunity to talk books, pick up a few galleys for 2013 books.  I met Ann Kingman from Random House and Books on the Nightstand.  She was very busy, but generously said hi and gave me a quick hug.  
I know this was long, but the day was unbelievable to a book junkie like myself.  I hope you enjoyed, and if you have the opportunity to attend a regional Indie book seller event, we have SIBA in the south,  you should really take advantage of it.  I certainly intend to do my homework and try to attend SIBA next year…in New Orleans no less!! 

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  1. Pam

    Great way to end a bookish vacation! SIBA will be in New Orleans. I just may have good reason to be in New Orleans next year. Just saying…

  2. Zibilee

    So glad that you got the chance to meet Dawn, and that you had such a wonderful time at this event! I know just how heady and fun these types of things can be, and I am glad that you got a chance to be a part of it!

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