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Isn’t that gorgeous?  Thank you to Michelle at mybooks,mylife for this wonderful idea.  I’ve adapted it to my November-December 2012 reading, but this is something I’ve been needing to do. 

You see my shelves and e-reader runneth over!!  Some books have been either on my shelves or on my “to be read” list for over 3 years!!  Yes it’s true.  Now honestly those 7 books that have been there since 2009 haven’t always been on the shelf, some I bought later, in a sale, from a thrift store, won in a contest etc.  My problem is that great books keep on being written and published and I’m always lured by the new and pretty…I might be a bit of a book whore..gasp!! 
So ok, I’m not taking a picture of my own haphazard book shelves, I wish I had nice shelves. Suffice to say I have close to 100 perfectly good books waiting for me….

No, I won’t get to all of them…maybe never, and yes I’ll keep on buying, receiving, begging for new books.  My goal is to finish 8-10 of these books from my shelves.  Audio books count too, since I have some I’ve bought or borrowed hanging around. 

I know I should attempt reading/listening to one older book a month…I’ve got great stuff too!!  My next review is a cozy mystery I picked up in ebook earlier this year, I read 1/3 or so and put it down.  It was my first attempt at a cozy mystery and I liked it but other books jumped in front of it.  Yesterday I picked it up. and dang if I didn’t get hooked and just finished the whole thing!!  See a book that had been hanging around for months…and now it’s read, and I enjoyed and now I  have a whole new genre of books to turn to when I’m in the mood!! 

Join in if you wish, a couple of other bloggers that are doing their own thing in this meme are Jen from Devourer of Books and Jennifer- The Literate Housewife

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  1. Literate Housewife

    It doesn’t take long to realize that deep down, we’re all book whores. LOL! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good luck on your goal!

    I’ve not had much reading time this week. I’m only about 60 pages into Arcadia, but as there is no review hanging over my head, that’s okay. There’s a nice freedom to that.

  2. Unknown

    I’m a book hoarder. This goes back to 2007 when I moved across the country and could not afford to move my “Then” library. When I arrived in Oregon, I didn’t have a job ergo no $$$ to purchase more books and, the libraries closed for 6 months. I ended up begging and borrowing books. Despite chipping away at the pile since (an effort slowed ironically by the fact that I now have an income and the libraries Re open) I still have a ridiculously large TBR stack of over 300 titles, probably closer to 400 if I were honest. I think it’s time for mr to #RMOB too!

  3. Unknown

    Oh, good grief! The book hoarder comment is from me, dogearedcopy/Tanya ! I have no idea why the assignation didn’t take when I posted the comment! 🙂

  4. Beth

    Once I read a book I give it away…it does no good sitting on the shelf…what good way to get the author’s work out there!

  5. Jenners

    First of all, I love the button for this challenge. It looks like those books will fall over and hit you if you don’t read them. Definitely an incentive.

    Also, I have the need to read my own bookshelves so this is a good reminder for me to do the same thing.

    Good luck and happy reading!

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