Book Review: State of the Onion

November 12, 2012 book review, cozy mystery, RMOB, White House Series 3

Written by: Julie Hyzy

Published by: Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin January 2008

Pages: 336

Source: Purchased for Nook

Olivia Paras is the assistant chef for The White House, a prized and honored position.  It’s a job she’s proud of and now that Henry, the Executive Chef is retiring, she’s thrilled to be in line for his job.  One obstacle could be celebrity TV chef Laurel Anne Braun, also in the running for the job.  The first lady, Mrs. Campbell would have final say.

Olivia also seems to have put herself in the middle of an international murder for hire plot.  Trying to help way lay a suspect who is running amok on the White House lawn, she is told a secret, and then she can’t seem to get herself out of this mess.

I liked Olivia right from the start.  This is book one in this series, and liking the main character is key to continuing.  She is spunky and adventurous.  Olivia is also dating a White House security agent…and their involvement can complicate matters.  Beyond the intrigue there is much food discussion and procedures for meal planning for State dinners and less formal meals for the First Family.  Recipes for some foods are included…bonus! 

This is my very first book in a genre knows as Cozy Mystery.  I had seen other bloggers talk about this type of book, and I really didn’t know anything about them.  By definition these books are lighter, more character driven the sleuth is not an investigator or police officer.  Sex and any type of graphic murder are also not a major factor.  While researching there are a ton of these books, from lighter to more intense. 

I enjoyed this book, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars, it was quick, enjoyable and I do plan on reading more!! 

This is book 1 of Reading My Own Books….one I wanted to finish…and more to come!!

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  1. Zibilee

    I haven’t read a cozy in ages, but it seems like they are all over the place now, and cover every hobby and taste. I am glad that you liked this one, and will have to check it out when I can.

  2. Jenny

    I love this series!! There are a lot of good cozy series out there.. some of my favorites are the Psychic Eye one (even though I’m usually not into paranormal stuff, this is a great series), the Coffeehouse series, and the Yellow Rose series.

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