Book Review: Dark Places (audio)

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Written by: Gillian Flynn

Published by: Random House Audio May 5, 2009

Narration: Rebecca Lowman, Cassandra Campbell, Mark Deakins, Robertson Dean

Length: 13 hours 43 minutes

Source: Purchased from Audible

Libby Day was seven years old when her mother and sisters were brutally murdered.  Little Libby testified in the trial of her 15 year old brother Ben.  This murder and conviction made huge headlines in middle America Kansas; bloody murder, rumors of satanic killing, practically orphaned small child.  Libby went to live with her Aunt Diane, but that too ended in sad separation.  The money once donated and set aside for Libby’s raising and the small amount of money earned from a tell all book is gone.  Libby is now nearly 32, and she’s looking for any easy way to make a buck.  Libby learns there is a cult like group that is fascinated with murders, and she is then introduced to the Kill Club.  This group is eager to learn about Libby’s family..her mom Patty, her sisters Michelle and Debbie.  Her father had abandoned the family and yet the mysterious Runner Day was never a serious suspect in the murders.

Libby meets and listens to Lyle, she attends a couple of Kill Club meetings and what she learns is disturbing.  Many people believe that her brother Ben was wrongly sentenced to life in prison.  He has quite the following among women and they write to him and visit him often in prison.  This group wants Libby to get involved, to try to uncover more about the events of that night nearly 25 years ago.  Libby is confused, she has so many mixed emotions about her memories and what did happen.  When she begins digging around, learning more about Runner and Ben Day, realizing the truths about January 2…she has more questions than answers, and the scary dark places of her life are just as frightening when illuminated.

Libby is a hard character to like in the beginning of the book.  She’s got a chip on her shoulder, she’s never really grown up and had to work for herself.  Yes I felt she had been traumatized by the murders, and losing her brother to prison.  Her father was never a part of her life, and her Aunt tried to do the best she could.  Libby is honestly looking to make a quick buck when she meets the Kill Club, and I believe she is surprised she is drawn into wanting to know more about what happened that awful night.  She’s spent her life thinking only about it from a child’s perspective, but she is smart and she realizes she can do much more.  The whole idea of the Kill Club disturbed me, but I know there are groups of people who become devoted or obsessed with the details of crimes and people in prison they believe to be innocent.

This book is told in flashbacks of Patty and Ben Day and in the present voice of Libby Day.  The audio production is very well done, and while the chapters announce the new point of view it’s nice to have a new narrator for this too.  I wasn’t familiar with any of the narrators but enjoyed the work very much

This is the second Gillian Flynn book I’ve listened to, while I thought there were some slow moments in this book the second half more than picked up and I was anxious to get back to listening at every chance.  There was so very much coming to a climax in the last two hours of this audio that is was very exciting!!  I’ve given Dark Places a 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend it to anyone who likes a psychological thriller…it’s so very creepy and good!!

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