Where has November gone??

November 27, 2012 Amy Hatvany, anniversary, books, Heart Like Mine, RMOB, Thanksgiving 5

Seriously…this month has flown by for me!! 

I’ve read a resoundingly low number of books…finishing 5 this month.  Hoping still to finish and audio and another book this week. 

I did finish a book that will be published in March of 2013…I had plenty of time, but I just couldn’t wait…it was too delicious to not hurry and read it….Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany.   I’m telling you know….get ready to grab this one up in March. 

I feel like I lost an entire week…..I was so sick with an awful cough and cold last week….ugh, pitiful!!  I hate being that knocked down.  I missed two days of work, untold hours of reading, and I was just a very unhappy camper!!  Thank you mucinex and an entire box of tissues…I’m feeling much better now.

While our college girls went to Texas to visit our extended family, Kevin, Nick and I were home for Thanksgiving.  It was a quiet day, watching the parade and dog show.  We went out to eat in a local restaurant.  Dinner was served buffet style and while the food was good I was less impressed with ambiance and some of the timing on the food.  I’m all for not cooking….but I doubt that will be our holiday dining location again. 

I went to no Black Friday sales…no thanks.  Too many years in retail management to want to battle with any of that.  Kevin and I did get out on Saturday and we shopped local for Small Business Saturday.  This is a smallish town, so not a lot of options but I did buy a Christmas Gift and I bought a used book.  I wish we had an indie bookstore in town…but alas it’s a primarily used book store, books for trade and purchase.  The owner can order any new books you want..but it’s not the same as having them on the shelves to peruse. 

Today is my parents Anniversary.  I think I added a year when I posted on facebook…eek!!!  I think this is 67 years!!!!   My mom is 85, my dad is 87, and they are still blessedly with us.  My dad lives in an Assisted living memory care facility, he has a small apartment with his own bed/bath and living room..  Furnished with all his own favorite pictures and things he knows.  My mom lives close by….just a building away in an independent living apartment.  There is a tunnel for her to get to my dad easily…and she visits him daily.  Until September they lived together.  Their marriage is a testimony in hard work and much love.  It wasn’t always perfect…but they still love each other very much today!!! 

My progress in Reading My Own Books has been pathetically slow.  I finished one book, and will finish a second this week that have been lingering for a while.  I am still planning to read more…but I also have books with January publish dates waiting to be read and reviewed…..some things I let become monsters….like my books.  It’s all good………….there is never a lack of anything to read!! 

5 Responses to “Where has November gone??”

  1. Zibilee

    I’m sorry that you were sick over the past few weeks. I know what that’s like, after having just gotten over a cold. I find it amazing that your parents demonstrate such commitment and love to each other after all these years. It gives me hope to think that there can be others out there like them…that stand the test of time. Don’t stress to hard about the books. It happens to us all, God knows it’s happening to me right now!

  2. Sandy Nawrot

    Being sick over the holiday sucks. I think Ti was down for the count this past weekend too. We opted not to do a buffet for Thanksgiving. I no likey buffets. First they just gross me out…I feel like I am walking up to a trough, but I just don’t think you get the food quality. I want to be served! Ha! And way to go to your parents. That is simply amazing.

  3. Anonymous

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