Book Review: Cover of Snow

January 16, 2013 Ballantine, book review, debut, Jenny Milchman, Random House, thriller 7

Written by: Jenny Milchman

Published by: Ballantine Books a division of Random House

Length: 326 pages

Source: Publisher

Nora  Hamilton wakes one morning, and her husband Brenden is missing from her side.  As she searches their home looking for him, she finds he has committed suicide.  A blur of days occurs, calling the police, where he was an officer, her family at her side, a funeral, and more family and friends at her home.  Brenden’s mother is a bit icy, something Nora doesn’t understand.  As Nora begins to accept that her husband is gone, she can’t understand the why of it all.  He left no note, gave no indication that he was anything but happy in their marriage and in his work.  As Nora begins to ask questions and investigate she is met with a brick wall from his former partner and the chief of police.  No one wants to talk about Brenden, why he may have been unhappy.  As she begins to dig deeper into the idyllic town of Wedeskyull she doesn’t like what she sees.  Things are rarely what they appear. 

The first thing that really sunk in about this book was the imagery created by Jenny Milchman.  I’ve never visited the Adirondack Mountains, but the details of the snow,cold and ice and geographic descriptions in COVER OF SNOW are so well done, I felt like I was there with Nora as she was out in the elements.  It made me shiver!  Combined with an adventure to find the truth, a thrilling, heart pounding ride….this book was very exciting.

It was easy to like and empathize with Nora, she’s left alone, it’s a brutal winter where she lives and no one wants to talk about much of anything involving her husband or the police department.  As a small town it was full of quirky characters and secrets. Putting all the pieces together wasn’t easy or safe for Nora, but she was persistent.  Uncovering the secrets was the most interesting to me.  When we admit it, most families have secrets, but this one goes beyond just the family, reaching the entire town. I loved how creepy and spooky it was while Nora was sleuthing around for clues….so well written. 

While this book was a good adventure it was not without some problems.  There was a feeling that the police was omnipotent, and a bit far fetched.  Without spoilers I can’t really say much more, but there are questions about video and sound recordings that aren’t really answered the hows and whys.

I gave this book a 3.75 out of 5 stars, I did really like it, and I was completely grabbed after 50 pages and I didn’t see the climactic resolution in the book.   This is a debut novel by Jenny Milchman, and I see good things for her future.  Looking forward to meeting her on her tour this April and for more good tales to come. Check out her tour dates and locations…it’s quite extensive, and a big road trip for her and her family!

Visit Jenny’s website, and look for her on fb and twitter @jennymilchman

7 Responses to “Book Review: Cover of Snow”

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Jenny is a sweetheart…we met her at SIBA. But the reviews for this book overall are not good, and that breaks my heart. I doubt I will read it.

  2. Heather @ Book Addiction

    I’m glad you liked it, as did a few others, because that balances out the not-so-favorable opinions such as my own. But Sandy is right, Jenny is truly an awesome person and it broke my heart to be honest about my feelings for her novel.

  3. Zibilee

    I have the same feelings. I have read other reviews of this one saying that there were some problems with the narrative, and things were at times, less than believable. I think it’s one that I probably will not read. Not only because of the issues, but because of the genre. I am glad that it didn’t strike a sour chord with you though, and that your problems with the book were minimal. Very nice review on this one today!

  4. Literary Feline

    I really like the premise of this story. I love books with a strong sense of setting. My heart already aches for Nora. I can’t imagine being in her position. I am glad you enjoyed the novel, even despite its faults. I’m not willing to rule it out as a read just yet.

  5. Jenny

    Haha I literally just read and commented on Heather’s review of this book. She thought some of it was far fetched as well. That’s disappointing. But some of her descriptions sound good!

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