Leaving on a Jet Plane

January 17, 2013 books, family, Texas, travel 3

At the unpleasant time of 6:30 am I’ll be on a plane heading to Dallas TX.  City of my birth, and where my parents and siblings reside.  Using airline miles and relegated to their limitations of flights available.  On a positive not I arrive by 8:30am and even with picking up the rental car and driving across town I’ll have a full day to spend with my parents.  I may need a nap…but that’s okay too. 

My mom is 85 and on Friday my dad will be 88.  They are two very precious people in my life.  They live separately now in a retirement community with various levels of care.  Mom is still in independent living, she has a small apartment.  Dad was moved last fall to assisted living/memory care.  He has a nice suite, den/bedroom/bath , the best thing is that they are only one building away from each other, connected by a tunnel so weather isn’t an issue.  Mom walks over almost daily and spends time with dad.  They can still share some meals together. 

I’ll be in TX for 5 days, flying home Monday evening.  I’ll get to see my sister and brother too, and maybe their kids etc.  I’ll devote most of my time to mom and dad. 

I’m reading two books, THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND by Jennifer McMahon, and THE HOUSE GIRL by Tara Conklin.  Both very good, but I must admit the creepiness of the first has totally grabbed me.  I’m also reading the final manuscript of my friend Judy Walters book CHILD OF MINE.  It will be released for Kindle and Nook in March, visit her website to learn more.  Naturally I think it’s going to be a winner!  No doubt I have plenty to read, and I’m taking it with me!! 

See ya next week!!

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  1. Zibilee

    I am glad that you are getting the chance to spend some time with your parents, Anita, and that your flight will be over in no time at all. It sounds like you have some good books packed, and that you will get the chance to be with the two people who mean the most to you. Hurry back! We will miss you!

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