Celebrating January Birthdays

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My family has many birthdays this month, in addition to the ones I’m writing about I can recall cousins, my nephew’s wife, my niece, and many friends. 

Most recently my son, Nicholas or Nick, celebrated his 15th birthday this past Sunday.  This past year he has grown and changed so very much.  He is now taller than me, had a deeper voice, has the need to shave occasionally and has matured by leaps and bounds!  While middle school was a virtual nightmare with silly detentions and calls from the dean about face painting and overzealous talking, high school has been relatively smooth and uneventful.  Nick has been making good grades, playing sports, making friends and behaving in a positive and acceptable manner….he’s 15, not a saint…ha ha. 
So we celebrated with a few small gifts, and dinner out.  His choice was The Cheesecake Factory and it was as usual, yummy.  We took desert to go, but they brought him a mini sundae to sing and embarrass him….he loved it!!

Just last week I was in Texas visiting my family, and celebrating my dad’s 88th birthday.  While he has changed so very much in the last few years, he is still my daddy!! Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease have taken away much of who my dad was.  He is no longer active physically, he can barely read his much loved daily paper due to macular degeneration.  His memory of 50 years ago is much sharper than what he ate for lunch, but right now he does know each of us, and he still cares about how he looks, and how his hair is combed.  He loves having his family near him, and my two siblings and I along with my mom and a couple of his grandkids were together to celebrate his birthday with Italian food and a big ol’ cake.  Isn’t my daddy handsome and precious?!!

Earlier this month my sister Ouida celebrated a birthday too.  She is perhaps the kindest person I know, well maybe other than my husband.  Ouida is twelve years older than I and yet since I was in college we have been incredibly close.  She was my go to person when I had questions about college, guys and growing up.  When she was divorced at age 38, after 18 years of marriage I talked her through dating again, and we shared many crazy nights at a few Country bars in North Texas!  She remarried the fall before I married Kevin, and her husband Tom is wonderful.  She has 2 grown children, and 2 grandchildren, and her work in HR is so suited for her.  She is the most honest and empathetic person I’ve ever seen in that role. She loves to read, a passion we share!  This picture is from last year– Ouida on the left, me on the right…being silly.

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  1. Zibilee

    It’s so neat that so many people in your life share birthdays around the same time. I am glad that you got the chance to celebrate with them all!

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