It’s Sunday-Weekly Update

February 10, 2013 sunday, Weekly catch up 2

Good Sunday Morning!!  Lately my Sunday mornings are the same, wake up around 8am and then prep for work, yes work.  Seems my boss at B&N like to schedule me 10am-2pm.  It’s not a huge problem for me, I’d rather not work weekends at all, but it is what it is.  It’s retail and it’s part time and I try to be flexible. 

This afternoon will be grocery shopping and cooking dinner, and folding the laundry that I washed yesterday.  As always I’ll be hoping for some reading time.  While many of you are battling Nemo’s snow dumping (and since when do we name winter storms?) here in Central Florida it’s very pleasant, honestly a little too warm for early February.  I don’t miss snow, but I do like cooler temps for a few weeks. 

The week was fairly typical, Kevin worked, Nick went to school, I did volunteering, housework, errands and read.  Nick isn’t involved in a HS sport this season, he’s hoping to be involved in AAU wrestling when the Varsity HS season is over, State tournament is next weekend. 

College Softball has begun, and Friday I was able to see Adrienne’s team play two games.  She is hitting well, and catching like a beast, and yes that is a term she would admire.  She is currently at a State college that has 2 year sports, so she’s actively looking for a school to play next year.  University at Buffalo has been down to see her play, and they are now bringing her up for an official visit.  Yep my little FL baby is heading up to Buffalo New York to give it a look see.  We expect they will make her an offer.  Depending on the scholarship offer she may be heading North this fall.  It’s a good school, also a NCAA Division 1 school, which is very important to her.  I’ll keep  you posted.

Caitie had hoped to come home this weekend, but she was too busy with test prep and a paper I think.  It’s all good, I miss her but I am happy she has her priorities straight. 

I finished one book and one audio book this past week.  CALLING ME HOME by Julie Kibler in print and DEFENDING JACOB by William Landay in audio.  I cannot begin to express how many wonderful books are being published this week, month, spring.  I hate to name names, and leave any other wonderful books out, but there will be book reviews this week of two I’ve loved!! 

Hoping for you all to have a wonderful week, mine is routine.  Just add in sending out Valentine’s to my sweeties…and there ya go! 

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Emma and I almost always work at the shelter on Sundays from 10-12 or 10-2 so we understand! You do what you have to do. At least we are doing something we love. You definitely got two amazing books under your belt this week.

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