Book Review: Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives

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Written and Narrated by: Hoda Kotb

Published by: Simon and Schuster Audio /Simon and Schuster January 2013

Length: 7 hours 23 minutes / 240 pages

Source: Publisher via Audiobook Jukebox

From the Publisher:

In Ten Years Later, Hoda chronicles six amazing stories by identifying a game-changing event in her subjects’ lives and then revisiting those lives a decade later. We meet Amy Barnes, who took the leap to escape an abusive relationship, lost an astounding 340 pounds, and now encourages women like her to cultivate their mental and physical strength. There’s also Ron Clifford, a civilian hero of 9/11, who saved the life of a burn victim in the wreckage of the towers—only to learn the same day that his beloved sister and niece were passengers on Flight 175. Patrick Weiland, a former network producer who won a Peabody at age twenty-two and later spiraled into drug addition, demonstrates the power of a second chance.

My Thoughts: 

I was interested in this audiobook for several reasons, first my respect for the journalist Hoda Kotb, prior to her Today Show stint with Kathie Lee she was more of an investigative journalist and I admit I did like her style.  I also liked the thought of listening to a positive audio of people who have overcome very serious obstacles.  Each story was very emotional and caused me to be thankful for my health, my good marriage, and more.  I was most touched by the story of Amy Barnes, as mentioned above she literally escaped an abusive boyfriend barely alive.  She not only got her mental health on track but her physical self too.  The story of her abuse is difficult to hear, awful, inhumane treatment she survived.  Even more unreal is the triumph she has had raising her two sons, and helping others.  I literally cried.

Each individual story is unique and moving.  I listened and wondered if I would have the strength and perseverance to conquer those demons or circumstances.  I liked this audio, unsurprising that Hoda is a wonderful narrator.  I’ve given it a 3 out of 5 stars.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a positive uplifting book about real people. 

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  1. Anita

    Hi Anita! I haven’t been here in a while.

    Occasionally, I watch a little of Kathie Lee and Hoda if I’m home. (It’s usally my lunch time when they are on.) The View is on another channel and I find myself there more. But, her personality is lively and likeable. I remember her investigative days, too, and when she had breast cancer.

    I saw her promoting the book and was curious. Reading your review, I’m surprised that you didn’t give it 4 stars because you didn’t mention anything negative about it.

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