Book Review: Indiscretion

March 7, 2013 book club, book review, fiction, infidelity, William Morrow 3

Written by: Charles Dubow

Published by: William Morrow an imprint of Harper Collins February 2013

Pages: 400

Source: E book purchased for Nook

Harry and Maddy Winslow are a beautiful couple, the couple everyone knows and wants to get closer to.  They are attractive and travel in the right circles.  Harry is a writer, and has been awarded a National Book Award and Maddy is his devoted partner, wife, mother to their nine year old son Johnny.  The Winslow’s summer at the beach, off Long Island and often have guests.  They entertain and spend time at many social events.  One such summer they meet a young woman Claire, she is dating an up and coming Brit, but she sets her sights on befriending the Winslows and their circle of friends.  While a bit older they are still the couple to be seen with.  Claire falls in love with both Harry and Maddy, but when opportunity strikes, she sets her sights on Harry, and what ensues is both sultry and steamy, but also full of tawdry infidelity. 
Written from the point of view of their dear friend Walter, this book is a beautiful story of friendship, love, betrayal and forgiveness.

Indiscretion is our March book club choice.  I hadn’t heard much buzz about this book, but two members had already read it and said that it got a lot of buzz at SIBA 2012.  Not a week later this book was available for my Nook for just $1.99, and better than waiting for the library!  The book flowed like a well told story, easy and well thought out with just the right words.  I grew to appreciate and enjoy the characters, I had so much admiration for Walter, the narrator and almost like the omniscient presence of Indiscretion.  I’ve known couples like Harry and Maddy, and they are mesmerizing and I’ve felt drawn into those groups of people.  Perhaps this is part of the draw of this book, Charles Dubow uses his imagery to remind each reader of this type of friendship and appeal. 

The sexual tension in this book is sharp and erotic, without being common and ugly.  The reader feels drawn in and aroused as the affair takes form.  The language was sophisticated and yet appropriate for this book.  I felt taken to exotic locals like Rome and Paris, and even the aristocratic beaches of New York. 

I enjoyed this book very much, it should have been a quick read, but my attention was elsewhere, but I still finished in a week.  I think the book club discussion will be very lively, and I recommend it highly to others.  I’ve given this book a 4 out of 5 stars, very good fiction! 

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  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Our discussion coming up should be interesting! I loved this book…read it in one sitting (I was on a plane, so that helped but still). I’ve heard this type of story over and over again, but somehow this one really grabbed me.

  2. Zibilee

    I had thought that I had missed this discussion, but maybe I can still make it! I had some mixed feelings about this book, but it did leave me feeling that the story was told just perfectly, and that when I closed the book, it was like I was taking in a whole lungful of air that I had been holding. Great review today, Anita!

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