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March 7, 2013 Adrienne, Buffalo, college, family, softball 6

I feel like I’m on sort of roller coaster ride as of late, I don’t know why I’m feeling so frazzled!!  I’ve got a few book reviews to write, and more books to read than I can shake a stick at!!  Some of the personal stuff is really great news!

My daughter Adrienne is a college softball player, she is at a State College now,playing ball and doing well academically.  She’s been looking for schools for the next two years, continuing to play.  Last week she visited Buffalo New York, and the University at Buffalo.  They invited her to visit, to meet the coaches, the players, the academic staff etc.  She loved it all, thankfully they were having a heat wave and it was only 44 on her first day..ha ha.  This is a FL girl, so cold weather is very new to her.

I am thrilled to share that Adrienne will be attending UB  this fall with a very generous athletic scholarship to boot!!  So proud of our girl!!

So yes this is going to be a major adjustment for our family come August, but Adrienne will be getting a wonderful education, and be playing softball at the NCAA division 1 level.  For a student athlete, it’s a big deal.  The big caravan road trip to move her up will be our first visit to Buffalo, we are hoping that our son can travel with us and we can do a bit of sight seeing too.  Niagara Falls is less than 30 minutes from her school.   Her coach did tell her that next season, early 2014 the team will be playing in Florida two times.  Love that she will be closer for us to see a little bit!!   If you are friends with me on facebook you can see many more pictures of Adrienne playing this year at Seminole State College. 

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  1. Zibilee

    This is such great news, and I am so glad that the school that she wanted chose her!! I bet you will love visiting New York, and that she will be great on her new team. Excellent news today!

  2. Meg @ write meg!

    Way to go, Adrienne! My fiance is from just outside of Buffalo, and I can tell you: winters are definitely no joke! It’ll be quite the adjustment for your Florida girl, but I’m sure she will have an awesome time. And definitely swing by Niagara Falls on your visit — one of my favorite places on Earth!

  3. Anita

    How exciting for her and for your whole family! The kids of a few of my neighborhood friends got into the colleges of their choices and are SO happy! So I can see Adrienne’s face and joy through your writing. Congratulations!

    And all of you… keep your buns warm up there! 🙂

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