Book Review: Backseat Saints-audiobook

April 20, 2013 abandoned by mother, abuse, audio, Hachette audio, joshilyn jackson, women's fiction 2

Written by: Joshilyn Jackson

Narrated by: Joshilyn Jackson 
Published by: Hachette Audio/Grand Central Publishing June 2010
Length: 12 hours 43 minutes. 
Source: Purchased from Audible

The former Rose May Lolly, a minor character from GODS IN ALABAMA, returns all grown up, living in Texas and now known as Ro Grandy, married and working at her father in laws gun store of all places.  Ro might not be happy, but has just accepted her lot in life until a gypsy she meets at the airport reminds her that she’s worth more than this, that she can fight back and  leads her on a search for her past….and to find out when and why she just decided to give up.

Rose May Lolly was a young hottie when we met her before, dating the star football player, a big deal in small town Alabama.  After he disappeared she picked up and left too, and found herself with a new man.  He won’t let her go, and she realizes she’s going to have to come up with a good plan to get out of Texas.  Leaving with her dog, and heading back to Alabama surprised me, but it was as if she had to trace back her former abuser, her father, and figure out what happened to her own mother, which took her all the way to California.

This book was very sad in it’s look at domestic violence, but Jackson does it in an honest look, no sugar coating it and has the reader rooting for Rose and all the women like her in this book.  Rose certainly grows up and defends herself in this book…but the road is bumpy and she may never understand what her mother did .  Leaving your child is an awful choice, especially believing that said child would never be hurt.  Abusive people know no limits.

Joshilyn Jackson is the BEST narrator for southern literature, I could listen to her all day!! This is the last of her books for me, in just one year I listened to all of them. I was very sad, but thankfully Jackson has a new book coming last this year!!!  Something to look forward to! I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I liked it a lot! 

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  1. Beth Hoffman

    I really enjoy Joshilyn’s work, but I’ve always read her books in print form. One of these days I’ll have to pick up an audio.

  2. Meg @ write meg!

    Oooh, Joshilyn Jackson! Man, I love her. I was just talking about it on Twitter today, because she is awesome, and her audio books are fantastic. I’m listening to A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty right now and am so sad it’s almost over… it’s the last of her books I haven’t read, so now I have to wait for another! I really liked Backseat Saints and can’t wait for her next work.

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