Sunday Meanderings

April 21, 2013 catching up, family, sunday, updates 3

After this past week I’m sure everyone needs an extra cup of coffee, tea or whatever your morning pleasure may be.  Monday’s act of terror in Boston seem more than a week in the past…it was a long week.  I’m sure I’ll never understand the cowardice and in humanity of people who seek to hurt innocent people in the name of some cause, some grievance they have with government etc.  I cannot imagine the fear of living in the Boston area.  Then Thursday and Friday came, and the intense manhunt for suspects 1 and 2.   I was caught up in watching the news…I’m easily addicted to that kind of thing…it was distracting to almost everything I did.  I am so relieved for the folks of Boston, and happy to live in a country where our law enforcement works together and does their job so well, to keep other safe.  So amazed at the first responders, the helpful bystanders and others who helped the victims.  Then there was also the fertilizer factory that blew up in West TX, destroying a huge portion of a small town.  So folks, after that kind of week….it’s good to relax and be thankful for all you have.

On the personal front, I had a quiet week.  Last Saturday’s UCF Book Festival was so wonderful, I met authors I’ve admired, and new authors I know I’m going to enjoy reading their works.  It was fabulous to spend the day with fellow bloggers Sandy, Heather and Michelle, and meeting fellow She Reads blogger Kerry Ann.  Many of us had some BBQ and drinks with a few authors….I finally left after 10pm, a didn’t want the fun to end…but we were all tired, and they were all catching flights or driving home.

Kevin and I saw the movie 42 last Sunday, and it was fabulous, I highly recommend it!  I did my typical volunteering at the high school.  Nick passed his written test and he is now the proud owner of a learners permit.  Twelve months of practicing are ahead of us now…wow.  Adrienne’s softball team won a berth to the state tournament…whooohooo!!  Both girls have recently been lamenting their roommates, it’s about time to move out.  I am the ear they both prefer to vent to, and I just keep saying, it’s only X # of days, be kind, take the higher road, save your energy for for finals.  Kevin and I had dinner out with the board of directors of the credit union, lovely Friday evening.  Kevin had to work Saturday, and I decided to take a step towards less stress.  I quit my very part time job as a book seller.  My hours were constantly being changed and cut, some weeks with none.  There were small comments as to my taking so much time off, bringing college girls home, visiting my parents out of state, moving girls back to school…etc.  Honestly I worked for very little pay, and while I once loved it, the love was gone.  I can now dream of a small indie bookstore that I would enjoy being more than a cashier and information person.  I loved the handselling I was allowed to do.  That part was just not enough.  Now I have more time to investigate a few volunteer options.  A little less book and mad money…but no worse for wear. 

Adrienne is home for the weekend, no softball games, and she had to bring home her National Letter of Intent papers for us to sign too.  Whoohoo, our baby girl is playing Division 1 softball at The University at Buffalo this fall.  I know I’ve gone on and on, but I am very proud.

I only finished one book this past week, a new one from Katherine Center that publishes May 7, The Lost Husband.  I think my lack of finishing more is a reflection of my distraction.  

Today is for running a few shopping errands with Adrienne and Kevin, with lunch out.  I hope you each have a very peaceful day. 

3 Responses to “Sunday Meanderings”

  1. Heather @ Book Addiction

    Anita, I’m sorry to hear you had to quit your job, but I can completely understand that it was the right thing to do. Like you said, there will be better, more enjoyable opportunities ahead for you.

  2. Lisa

    I was like you – I couldn’t take my eyes off the news this week between
    Boston, West and the ricin attacks. For a couple of days it felt like we might be under attack on many fronts. Relieved to know that’s not the case and that those responsible to for Boston and the ricin letters have all been caught.

  3. Pam

    I, too, have been attached to my TV for the past few days. And like you, I’ve decided to have a peaceful and restful Sunday. We all need time to refuel and decompress after this most terrible of weeks.

    I’m sorry to hear that you quit your job, but it sounds like it was the right decision. When it’s no longer fun, it’s definitely time to move on. I hope there’s a wonderful Indie Bookstore in your future.

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